Monday, February 7, 2011

Headboard from HADES!

We have some house updates!! 

First off, the new chairs came in!! 


And they recline! They are bigger than I had remembered when I ordered them at the store.. but they're fitting alright. 

I also painted this little puppy picture:

I took an angled picture so you could see the aqua sides.

I also purchased that lovely little key holder that looks like a twig.. it sounds weird when I describe it being a twig, but that's exactly what it is, and i like it. 

One of the biggest projects thus far: THE HEADBOARD FROM HADES!!!!! 

This was quite a large task. First off I googled how to make a headboard. It's very easy, especially when I just wanted a rectangular shape. Maybe one day I'll do one with a cool silhouette, but I'll need a fancy schmancy jigsaw. I saw this really awesome one over christmas that was a 3 way jigsaw, sander, and drill. I will have to get it one day.. Anyways, back to the headboard.. I had leftover plywood from building the bar top. It was already the perfect length (BONUS!). I went to Home Depot and got the 2 x 4's cut. They were only a couple bucks! Awesome. I got home and nailed them together. This was a Saturday. I decided I would go on Sunday to buy all the stuff. Sunday rolls around and OF COURSE I waited to go to the fabric store until 30 minutes before it closed, so it was out of the question. Monday rolls around and I truck it down 280 to Hancock Fabrics after work. There were a bajillion fabrics! I walked around forever. I finally decided on white linen, so it would go with my blue seersucker bedspread and white curtains. I almost got this kelly green linen, but I decided against it the last minute.. maybe ill get it for summer.. Anyhow, I buy the fabric, 2" foam, and batting. I get home, gathered up the hammer, tape measurer, scissors, nails, and go outside to put everything together. I picked up the headboard to move it into the light in the carport, and one of the legs fell off. GRRREAT! I still took a picture:

It was already 9pm, so I couldn't start hammering nails to echo throughout the neighborhood. So i gathered the hammer, tape measurer, scissors, nails, and came back inside. Tuesday. Tuesday was going to be my craft day. Well it rained Tuesday. And I had left the wood outside, so it got wet. Therefore Wednesday... Wednesday would be the day! It was still raining, so I did it inside. I layed down the batting, the foam, and the headboard, then wrapped the batting around the headboard and nailed it in. I wish I would have had a nail gun or staple gun, but a regular ol hammer and nail worked just fine! 

Then I stood it up and wrapped the linen around it. I decided to just safety pin it on.. that way if I wanted to go get the green linen, I wouldn't have to undo all the nails. And the pupsters have a tendency to want to look out the window, so they might get it dirty with their paws, and the safety pins would make it easy to take off and clean. 

Here it is standing up with the just the batting. I guess i didn't take one with the linen on it before I moved it upstairs.. oops. It really was quite a pain to move it upstairs. But I did it! I even moved the old headboard (which was actually my old footboard). Here she is in my room!

It's a little uneven in the picture, and I need to re-pin the top right, but I think she looks pretty good. The white is definitely bright.. I should probably bleach my curtains.. and the furniture looks off white.. maybe white was a bad choice.. ha.

It's comfy to lean against though! So it will serve it's purpose. The bed that goes with my furniture was too tall and covered over half my window. And I love that window! It has a nifty crank to open it. So I decided not to have my bed up at all, and I thought I could set my old footboard behind the bed, but that looked dumb bc it was pretty much the same height as the bed.  Soooo problem solved! WOO! 

I posted a new Save the Date on the ol website! Here she is:

Yay Lizzie and Kerry! 

I also posted this new logo recently:

It's for this company called Outdoor Obsession, that includes about 8 different sports. 

All you people getting married, or having babies, or throwing showers, or anything, let me know if you'd like something whipped up! 

Oh, one more thing:

2010 highlight video.. You didn't think I could make it through a whole blog without mentioning my team, did you?!?!?