Friday, November 30, 2012

i'm on a plane!

I'm on a plane, y'all! On my way back to sweet home Alabama. I don't think I've ever used wifi on a plane for computer work. It's real weird.. everything's a bit shaky, including myself whenever there's turbulence. 

I'm going to write a better post about my trip soon, but for the CliffNotes version...


I could not get enough of the Rockies. You can see them almost everywhere you turn. I told Caroline a million times how jealous I was she gets to see them everyday now. I took a million horrible pictures of them because I was so obsessed (they were horrible because there wasn't a decent way to get a good shot sitting in the passengers seat in traffic). I will post a couple of them nonetheless. 

I got to help Caroline get settled in, and I can't wait to come back for more visits! Bham to Denver Southwest flights, ftw! Here was my last picture of the Rockies before my flight left earlier today:

I did some work on the plane, then had a layover in Chicago. I bellied up to a bar, drank a couple of beers, and met some nice people! I had never done that before, but it was quite lovely. I passed out some of my cards (because the subject got to everyone's jobs), so hopefully they'll like what they're herring soon enough! Tonight I'll be packing up all the paper orders that came in throughout the week, and tomorrow I'll be tackling string art. Of course. And maybe watching some football.. (psh, of course I'll be watching fb). 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

road trip!

What up?! 

I am currently blogging to you from a little town in Kansas! I am half way done with a trip across the country with my BFF, Caroline. She is moving to Denver, and I decided to ride with her to keep her company! I'll be flying back to Bham at the end of the week! 


(Before you think I'm being irresponsible, you should know I packed all my string art stuff, and I'll still be working on invitations/graphic design work at night. Caroline also runs her own business as a fashion designer, so she'll be working right next to me with her sewing machine. Business ladies, ftw!)

We left Birmingham on Sunday and stopped in Nashville to stay with some of Caroline's college friends (terribly sorry that I didn't contact more people there, but we were in town late and left super early Monday). Today, we conquered several states: Tennessee, Illinois, Missouri, and now Kansas. Don't worry, I have been taking tons of pictures. In fact, I look like an ultra crazy tourist, because I have my nice camera out snapping pics along with my iPhone in the other hand so I can instagram to all you fine people (my username is ilikewhatimherring if you'd like to follow along the journey). 

We stopped in St. Louis for lunch, and we were both SUPER excited to see the arch. We've been calling this our Americana trip and discussing all the cool things we get to see while driving across this beauti-mous nation of ours. I'm not gonna lie, we busted out a great rendition of "This Land Was Made for You and Me" earlier today. Now that we're in Kansas, it's pretty much all Wizard of Oz tunes. I KNOW you're jealous not to be able to hear us in person.. 

We will reach our destination tomorrow, and I cannot WAIT to see the Rocky Mountains!!! EEEE! I'm thinking there will be some downtime once we arrive, so I'll be sure to post more pictures soon! 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

christmas orders!

Oh my word, y'all! It's been nuts over here at Herring Design Co! I started just in time for the big holiday rush. I wanted to let everyone know that if you're planning on buying anything from the Etsy shop, or wanting a pet painting for Christmas, the last day to order to ensure your gift arrives by the 25th is 


You can keep on ordering after that, but no guarantees for it to arrive in time for Christmas. Just wanted you lovely people to know! 

If there is something you'd like that isn't listed in the shop (like a pet painting), please email me at 

Blogging might be a little sparse throughout the next few weeks. I have an impromptu trip coming up that I'll fill you in on more once the time comes. In addition to that, I have something really exciting in the works involving my great love of furniture transformation, and I can't wait to spill the beans once it's all setup! I just love my new job!

Monday, November 12, 2012

herring design co

Today is the day! 


Starting off with the brand new name. Check it:

What do you think?! I dig it. I can't wait for the new cards to come in! I've updated the website and bloggie to reflect the new logo and name. I'll be transitioning the Etsy shop soon, along with shutting down the old Fish + Line Facebook page (and sending everyone over to the I Like What I'm Herring page). 

I've got lots of work to do! The first big thing coming up is the art show in Auburn this weekend at AuburnArt. I'll be heading back down there Thursday so I can be ready for it to start Friday afternoon. It's part of the Auburn Downtown AUtumn nights where they close down the streets and people can walk around. They'll be a a band as well, so I'm sure it will be great fun! I have to be there at 4pm on Friday until the end of the night, then back again on Saturday from 8am to 1pm. I'm so excited! If you're in town, you should stop by!

Friday, November 9, 2012

prepared for lift off

Ello govnahs! 

Today is my last day at work! I will greatly miss everyone here, but I am so excited to be going out on my own doing what I love! Everyone's encouraging words and support have just blown me away and given me more motivation going into this solo business venture. I feel excited and nervous and ready and unprepared all at the same time. One minute I have butterflies and the next I have anxiety, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I CAN'T WAIT! 

If you've been reading the bloggie for a while, you know I've been struggling with my brand. I initially picked Fish + Line Design as the name, but in the beginning, I only made paper products. I never quite felt like it was the one, but I needed business cards at the time, so I made the leap. 

Since things have taken off, I felt like it just doesn't represent all my products anymore. Not to mention that people think I'm saying Fishing Line Design and assume the string art is made of, what else: fishing line. All of a sudden it felt too cutesy. I asked other people's opinions, and I got about half and half of people liking what it was, and people trying to think of names I could use instead. But who has to live with it? Moi! 

I finally came up with something. It's simple and to the point. Some might even say generic, but I think the logo spices it up. 


Of course I used the fish! I've already ordered business cards, and the website, etsy shop, social media, etc. are all prepped for the transition on d-day.. as in "Diz-zam, is this real life?!" day. What better time to start fresh than my first day on the new job! 

How many times can I say this:


And for your Friday enjoyment, I'll leave you with this song I'm obsessed with by Shovels & Rope. It's called Birmingham, and I am not ashamed to admit that I play it on repeat.. 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

tourist in the loveliest village

Let me preface this with I'm terribly sorry if you're not an Auburn fan. I know I have posted way too many pictures of Auburn stuff this football season, but I just can't help it. I'm obsessed with this place.

I promise more interesting stuff is coming up. This is my last real week at work! EEE! 

But until then, these are some pictures of last weekend when I went to Auburn. It was homecoming, and it actually warmed up to the 80s on Saturday. It was beautiful! And hey, guess what? We won the game! Of course I brought along my fancy camera to get some pictures of the freshly rolled Toomer's. Binky (my sissy) and I walked downtown after the game to appease my touristy-ness. 

This is my favorite piece of sidewalk. I think I may have shown this on the bloggie before, but not from the fancy camera. It's on Thach and I use to walk by it everyday to class (and to the bars and the games). Someone drew an eagle holding a football with a little AU on it. Aw wee, I just love it! 

The AU chapel! Supposedly it's haunted.. I always look for the ghost of the confederate soldier, but I haven't seen him. Yet. 

Also, I love those weathered shingles. 

SAMMY! Good ol' Samford Hall. Don't worry, there are plenty more shots of this baby. 

Binky, making fun of me for looking like a tourist. 

Yet she still obliged my request to Mary Tyler Moore in front of Toomer's Corner (aka, twirl around the post and throw a hand up). 

A little further down is the white wall painted with Go Tigers and War Eagle. 

Of course I had to pose in front of it! 

Someone spray painted CAM right in the middle. I'm not going to oppose the message, but you would think they would've used a school color.. not green. 

Gigglez. There was a crowd gathering to cross in front of the camera, and Binky wouldn't stop taking pictures. So of course, I couldn't stop laughing. 

Ahhh finally to Toomer's! 

View of Toomer's Drugs from the tree corner. 

And vice versa! Sorry about the glare..

We ended up eating downtown and walking to Bodega. Of course I got more shots of the trees! 

This is why I love Auburn. We didn't know any of these people, but we started talking to the guy on the left because he had some awesome tiger print sunglasses. We sat with the three friends on the left for a bit before getting the three guys on the right to come sit with us too. They clearly aren't from the South (they're wearing shirts from their respective schools), so we invited them to our table to welcome them to town. I, of course, told them all about Auburn and how our state is so crazy about football because we don't have any professional sports. Then I explained how pretty much everyone is AU or UA from birth, and if you aren't automatically one or the other, you'll be assigned one of the teams. I told them they could be honorary Auburn fans! I'm pretty sure they were thrilled. 

Binky and I left after just a little bit to get ready for the evening games. And of course I took more pictures of the trees. The lighting was different, so it justified taking more! 

We had to pose some more, of course.

And get a shot of the trees again.

You might think this is Bink trying to get away from my picture taking, but nope! She posed this herself hahaha!

My poses aren't so natural.. 

Where you at, Sammy?


Why do I love this building so much?!? 

I just can't help but post just about every view I got! Just kidding, there were about 1239 more I didn't put on here.  

I have some very exciting stuff starting next week. After all, it is the liftoff of my business! EEEEE!

I'm going to try to post a small sneak peek tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


That's right, y'all! Time for another project dump! 

First up are these Tennessee twins. So pretty! 

The University of Tennessee's endzone is painted with this checkerboard pattern. 

I had a special request for these puppies, and I think they turned out lovely! 

Next up is Yukon, Canada!

I love doing other countries. Gettin' international, y'all. 

Next up is one of my new favorites! It's a pomeranian string art!! 

I met a lady at Artwalk and she asked if I could do any shape with string. I said pretty much, within reason, and she asked for a pomeranian. I think it turned out pretty nifty! 

And finally, last but certainly not least, I got the great honor of doing my hometown of Dothan, AL for a friend to give another friend for her birthday! Happy Birthday, Lauren! 

Aww wee! And just in time for the Peanut Festival, too! 

And never too far away..

I was sitting on the ground taking pictures, and little Diesel came and sat right next to me. My sweet, sweet little nugget. 

In Halloween news, I had about five trick-or-treaters, and enough candy to feed about 105. So I've been eating Starburst and Skittles as meals. 

How can you not when one of the bags of Starburst were individually wrapped, so I could pick out the pinks and reds?! 

Candy hangover. Every. day. 

Friday, November 2, 2012

new skill!

Guess what I am learning to do everybody?! 



(that's a blow torch noise that I seem to make whenever I tell anyone, even though this isn't a blow torch)


Dear ol' dad is my teacher. Since he has access to welding machines through his business in Dothan and the shop in Opelika, he said I could use them whenever I'm in those places! On this particular day, I was in Opelika and we had pretty much a day-long lesson. He had a bunch of coupons (little metal rectangles seen above) that I practiced on. I learned to tack them together, lay straight lines, make fake rivets (I'm not sure if that's the correct term..), and of course write my name haha! I'll be sure to take more pictures next time!

Dad is suppose to be gathering some metal scraps at his fabricating shop in Dothan, so I'm hoping to actually make a piece of art next time. EEE!

Please ignore the welding helmet hair. Not the overalls, though.. I know you're secretly jealous of those bad boys.