Monday, September 26, 2016

end of october 2015

So much has happened, y'all! I know I say this every time, but I really am trying to catch up before I write about what's going on now. So, here is the rest of October 2015! 

My mom was getting our farm house ready for renting out. Isn't it cute?! 


Bo can be a bit of a jerk, but he likes Randy! (binky's boufriend)

I had brought back some costume choices for Bink and Randy from Dothan. Hilarious!

I painted these cornhole boards for one of my very dear clients! 

At the wedding in DC, I had a moment of clarity and decided my hair was entirely too long...

so I cut it. With the help of my roommates. 

I sectioned it off to donate to Beautiful Lengths before the cut, then I shaped it a bit myself.


Not too shabby, eh?! 11+ inches gone!


Watching football on a Saturday. Notice anything?

Ol' Cotton ball looking out after all my yelling. 

Sweet Possy! 

I had some more pieces to take to Auburn Art, so I laid them out to get a pic.

Had a couple of cross country states as well.

Over Halloween weekend, Honks and I traveled to Atlanta for his friends' wedding. We stayed at his friend Will's house for Friday night and had a wee bit too much fun.

I don't have pics, but we went to a restaurant with the wedding party for brunch and to watch the FSU game, which was convenient because it happened to be the Auburn game as well. Naturally I wore orange and blue. The game was in AU and was the first SEC game I had missed in foreverrrrr. We played Ole Miss and looked good for a bit.. then we had to leave the restaurant. 

Honks officiated the wedding, so I went back to the hotel with friends to catch the end of the game.. just in time to see us lose. BOO.

But then it was wedding time, and ya girl here loves a wedding! I caught Honks to take a pic before the wedding. 


Cutest officiant award winner!

Allegra, the beautiful bride! You might remember her from the wedding we went to in St. Augustine the year before. 

Scott and Allegra gettin' hitched.

 The boys! They remind me of my high school friends, because we've all remained close as well. 

Bryan, Honks, baby Lochlan, Daniel, Sean, and Brian

The wedding was a the school where Allegra works. They had a little farm/zoo in the back! 

They so nicely had TVs to watch football along with some yummy food and tons of CANDY (!!!) since it was Halloween!

Don't give me beer and a sharpie.. (can you spot the WDEs?)

Of course I made Honks pose with the teeth, yet he used his sandwich last minute..

The boys again!

I had so much fun dancing and visiting with everyone! 

It wouldn't be a trip to Atlanta without a trip to IKEA, which we did before we headed home. Honky's first time! I wish I would've gotten a picture like it was his first day of school. I'm anxiously awaiting the next time I can get up there!