Monday, October 31, 2011


It's punkin time, yall!

I got this big boy at Sam's for only $8! THAT'S A DEAL! 

Here it is on the table for a bit of perspective.

Everyone digging in! 


I was under so much pressure to come up with a good idea for the contest! I decided to go with hand drawn.

Katie and Bradley went with a stencil. And some tag team carving.

Skinny lines for his teefies. 

Carly and Peyton had pumpkin power tools! JEALOUS!!!!!

Brett concentrating on his creation.

Lines so tiny.

After I finished the mouth line and eyes, I outlined them by carving off the top layer of the pumpkin with an exacto knife.

Katie and Bradley's pumpkin. The arm fell off of the zombie, so they borrow a star from...

Carly and Peyton's moon and star pumpkin!

Last, but not least, Brett's awesome Boo! Ghost pumpkin.

Time to take them outside and light em up!

Mine was a big ol fail..

The star and moon one looks lovely lit up!

And of course ze winner looked awesome! 

The arm completely fell off, so star arm it is! Or star snack?

All the pumpkins lined up on the walkway ledge.

Instagram pumpkin shot!

Sadly, here is what happens when you carve too early:

Rotten. And dripping down the ledge. Although, I must say, mine looks extra creepy now.

The flamingos, Fig and Issac, are not thrilled.

Have I introduced them on the bloggie yet? I got them last football season. And their dad is Cam Newton. So their full names are:

Fig Newton and Issac Newton.



Monday, October 24, 2011

nice piece of glass!

Bathroom addition!


so luxurious! 

fancy clips!

view from inside the shower

Pardon my awful cluttered area. Part of that is stuff that came out the shower while the guys put up the glass. And part of it is just my messiness. I took these while the glass guys were still there.

Also, that mirror is NOT part of the final decor. I have big plans for the mirror area. Here is one of my inspiration photos:

I love love love the layered mirrors, but I wasn't going for the rustic look (I really like it, but not for this space). So I decided I would layer framed mirrors. Specifically white framed mirrors. I am obsessed with mirrors that look like this:

Chunky, intricate frames that look like they should be gold brushed but are white instead.

I couldn't find one I liked, so I began searching for a mirror to paint white, and look what I found:

This little gem. Kind of looks like the big mirror a couple pictures up. I wish it had been a bit chunkier, but I figure another mirror in the bunch could be thicker.

So I put some paper on it and taped it off.

It was tough getting the tape to go under the frame lip.

Of course I used the ever trusty gloss white spray paint.

The thing was so big, I just left it on the bubble wrap it was wrapped in instead of balancing it on something. I attempted to not skip steps and gradually spray thin layers of paint on the frame. 

This is layer one I believe.

Layer two. Let me mention here that the sun snuck away from me.

So I spray painted in the moonlight.

Here she is all finished. Of course the thin layers went out the window as soon as I couldn't see. It turned out alright though! 

Sort of.

Right now is where you would expect a picture of the mirror in the bathroom. But I don't have one. Why don't I have one?? BECAUSE IT DIDN'T FIT!!!!!!!! Please don't think I'm a dummy and didn't measure. I did measure. I knew what size to get. And this size was it. What didn't I take into account? The vessel sink. The thick frame wouldn't slide behind it. I am currently trying to figure out if it's possible to unscrew the sink (it may or may not be sealed to the countertop), but it's not looking good.

Anyone in the market for a white mirror?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Callin Baton Rouge!

This weekend I will be making the journey down to Baton Rouge for the Auburn/LSU game. I have been down there a few times, and it has been a different experience each trip. I had heard stories of them being mean, and the first time I went down there, it proved to be true. The corndogs were all up in my face screaming "TIGER BAIT! TIGER BAIT!". I did the only logical thing I could think of.. yell the same thing right back to them, because duh, we are the tigers too. They were not too pleased. When I arrived at the tailgate, a DUDE got right up in my face and said: Your kind aren't welcome here. Uhhh excuse me? There are multiple Auburn fans standing behind you.. I gave him a look and proceeded to the cooler. He was a spicy corndog. They weren't too bad one of the next trips I took down there, and this is when I noticed the higher Auburn was ranked, the meaner they were.

Well this time around, LSU is ranked #1 and Auburn is #20. You would think they'd be in a good mood, riding high at number one. Nope! Turns out several of their players were actually caught riding high and tested positive for drug use, including their star player, THE HONEY BADGER!!!!!

First off, if you haven't seen this awesome honey badger video, do yourself a favor and watch it right this second. (There's some adult language in it. A lot actually. Do people care about that here? I certainly don't, but I try to keep it to a minimum just in case.) ONTO THE VIDEO!

The corndogs have even made tshirts for their favorite player.

In their defense, this guy is pretty awesome.

Too bad he was caught. Should've taken some notes from his coach, ol' Les Miles, and eaten the grass instead of smoking it.

Seriously. He eats grass. And he said the best grass was in Tiger Stadium. Look at what I found on google maps.

YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP! ESPN even made a parody commercial with Lee Corso eating grass and asking Les Miles about it. Funny!

Silly corndogs. Are you wondering where the corndog name comes from? Here's an article that may or may not have started it all:

HILARIOUS! And they HATE being called corndogs. Last year, LSU played in Auburn. Of course I was in town for the game, and I went to Bodega (a bar in dowtown Auburn), and it was overloaded with LSU fans!! I walked up to the bar with my sister, turned to her and said: Man, there are a bunch of corndogs in here! As soon as it came out of my mouth, my sister looks over my shoulder, and I did the slow turn to see who was there. And wouldn't you know... it was a corndog. He was glaring at me. I could not control the laughter from coming out of my mouth. I smoothed things over quickly, and wouldn't you know, he bought me a drink! How nice!

Auburn Student Section at the LSU game 2010. Hilarious!

My celebratory corndog after the game. I'm hoping for the same result this weekend..

We shall see.


Monday, October 17, 2011


A couple of new decor items in the house. First off, my most favorite new thing!!!! 

THE BIG RED STAR!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, he is huge.

But I love him!

Isn't he glorious?! This wall has been asking me to put something on it. When I was desperately looking for the piece of furniture to put in the bathroom, I found him in one of the 23948 stores I had searched through. I knew he was going to be too wide, but I don't think it looks too bad. I carried it in from the car and immediately hung it on the wall (you can actually see the hammer and tape measure in the top picture). 

And he matches the Double Cola sign in the kitchen. EEEEE! 

I also found these sweet babies in my hunt for the perfect bathroom furniture..


And they were only $8 for the pair!!!!! Amazeballs! 

Here it is with the "surroundings". I need some for the couch. I'm still on the hunt..

Here are some random pictures I took on the way home from work the other day. I used the ol iPhone app Instagram to edit them. I love Instagram! Everyone needs to download it!

Crestwood Blvd. 

I cross the train tracks everyday. There is a train about 75% of the time. But a good photo op, i suppose.

Sloss Furnace. I pass this going to and from work. I think it is so nifty! It use to produce iron, but now it is a National Historic Site where concerts, festivals, etc. take place.


You know what time it is???

Time to talk about AUBURN FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!

Since the last time I've talked about football, we have had a loss against Arkansas. So frustrating. Our quarterback looked awful. We were tied at halftime. They must've had some awesome speech from their coach, because they ran up the score that second half. Ugh. I don't even want to think about it. 

On to better things..

We beat Florida this past weekend! Want some pics?

Towards the end of the game.

I kept calling them Carrot Pants. 

As in "What are you doing, carrot pants?!?" if they pushed one of our players.



Aubie on the 50 yard line! 

View of Sammy from the stadium! 

Picture of Cam on the outside of the stadium!

Toomer's Corner!!!! My favorite!!!!

CrAzY tOoMeRs PiCtUrE! 

The Samford side of Toomer's

SAMMY!!!! He's pink for breast cancer month!

So pretty!!!!