Friday, October 7, 2011

Remodel Part 3: The Home Stretch

Hello all! 

We are into the home stretch with the remodel! The contractors are finished, so all that lacks are a few things, like the shower glass panel, mirror, and pulls for the vanity. 

Onto the pictures! 

I'm starting just about where we left off...

Full tiled shower! No grout yet.

Fully tiled vanity area. 

View from the doorway.

Nifty floor tile and toilet hookup. 

Shower floor and ledge. 

Full view of the shower.

Now get ready for...

Grouted tile!! And they brought the vanity table up! It looks a little squished, but once they hooked up the sink, it was pushed further back against the wall.

Grouted shower! 

I positioned the sink that night so the next day they would know where I wanted it placed.

The next day..

Shower head on! 

Toilet in place! 

Light fixture and sink attached!! I LOVE the light fixture! 

Full view of the vanity. 

I obviously need a mirror. I leaned one up there against the wall to make do for now. Tonight I tried to get everything settled in and I got SUPER frustrated. Here's why:

1. There is already paint chipped off the vanity furniture, so I have to do some touch ups. 

2. I went to Home Depot to get pulls, and the ones I had removed from the furniture were 4 inches wide... Home Depot only has 3" or 96mm pulls, so neither fit. Awesome. I made do by buying some really cheap knobs until I could find something that fits. (I needed something to open the drawers with. I also don't want to drill holes for smaller pulls, so I'm hoping to find some soon.)

3. I attached the doors back on the vanity, and one won't close. I took it off and tried to reposition it, but nope. Not closing. 

4. When I tried to close said door, it scraped more paint off.

5. I didn't paint some of the crevices that can be seen from the front. Fail.

6. There is still a lot of grout/mud on the tiles, so they feel very scratchy/sandy, and I worked to clean them off, but still couldn't get it removed. And I used a scrub brush and all the elbow grease I had. 

7. The bottom drawer had to be cut in the back to allow room for the pipes. It was cut, but the measurements were off, so it won't close all the way (I'll post pictures on that soon). 

BLLAAHHHH. I know I shouldn't be complaining, but I think I had the crazy idea in my mind that once the contractors were finished, it would be nearly perfect and ready for use. Oh well. More things to finish = more blog entries, right?? haha! 

And don't you worry.. I went on and made it ready for use, and I took my first shower in it! It was glorious! It felt so big! I can't wait for the glass panel to be installed and for it to be fully finished!!!

And I can't wait for the big, glorious final reveal!!! What a blog post that will be!!!!!!!!!!!


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