Monday, October 24, 2011

nice piece of glass!

Bathroom addition!


so luxurious! 

fancy clips!

view from inside the shower

Pardon my awful cluttered area. Part of that is stuff that came out the shower while the guys put up the glass. And part of it is just my messiness. I took these while the glass guys were still there.

Also, that mirror is NOT part of the final decor. I have big plans for the mirror area. Here is one of my inspiration photos:

I love love love the layered mirrors, but I wasn't going for the rustic look (I really like it, but not for this space). So I decided I would layer framed mirrors. Specifically white framed mirrors. I am obsessed with mirrors that look like this:

Chunky, intricate frames that look like they should be gold brushed but are white instead.

I couldn't find one I liked, so I began searching for a mirror to paint white, and look what I found:

This little gem. Kind of looks like the big mirror a couple pictures up. I wish it had been a bit chunkier, but I figure another mirror in the bunch could be thicker.

So I put some paper on it and taped it off.

It was tough getting the tape to go under the frame lip.

Of course I used the ever trusty gloss white spray paint.

The thing was so big, I just left it on the bubble wrap it was wrapped in instead of balancing it on something. I attempted to not skip steps and gradually spray thin layers of paint on the frame. 

This is layer one I believe.

Layer two. Let me mention here that the sun snuck away from me.

So I spray painted in the moonlight.

Here she is all finished. Of course the thin layers went out the window as soon as I couldn't see. It turned out alright though! 

Sort of.

Right now is where you would expect a picture of the mirror in the bathroom. But I don't have one. Why don't I have one?? BECAUSE IT DIDN'T FIT!!!!!!!! Please don't think I'm a dummy and didn't measure. I did measure. I knew what size to get. And this size was it. What didn't I take into account? The vessel sink. The thick frame wouldn't slide behind it. I am currently trying to figure out if it's possible to unscrew the sink (it may or may not be sealed to the countertop), but it's not looking good.

Anyone in the market for a white mirror?

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  1. Love this Idea I have a gold mirror that too needs painting as well.