Monday, October 31, 2011


It's punkin time, yall!

I got this big boy at Sam's for only $8! THAT'S A DEAL! 

Here it is on the table for a bit of perspective.

Everyone digging in! 


I was under so much pressure to come up with a good idea for the contest! I decided to go with hand drawn.

Katie and Bradley went with a stencil. And some tag team carving.

Skinny lines for his teefies. 

Carly and Peyton had pumpkin power tools! JEALOUS!!!!!

Brett concentrating on his creation.

Lines so tiny.

After I finished the mouth line and eyes, I outlined them by carving off the top layer of the pumpkin with an exacto knife.

Katie and Bradley's pumpkin. The arm fell off of the zombie, so they borrow a star from...

Carly and Peyton's moon and star pumpkin!

Last, but not least, Brett's awesome Boo! Ghost pumpkin.

Time to take them outside and light em up!

Mine was a big ol fail..

The star and moon one looks lovely lit up!

And of course ze winner looked awesome! 

The arm completely fell off, so star arm it is! Or star snack?

All the pumpkins lined up on the walkway ledge.

Instagram pumpkin shot!

Sadly, here is what happens when you carve too early:

Rotten. And dripping down the ledge. Although, I must say, mine looks extra creepy now.

The flamingos, Fig and Issac, are not thrilled.

Have I introduced them on the bloggie yet? I got them last football season. And their dad is Cam Newton. So their full names are:

Fig Newton and Issac Newton.



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