Sunday, October 9, 2011

Something Fishy!

Something's fishy around the Herring house! 

(can you call it the Herring house when you're the only Herring in house?)

I did a few small house projects/decorating things while in the bathroom was being remodeled, and here is one of them! First off, I like fish things, so I was excited when I found this little gem:

Such a cute little fishy! Except he was bronze.. but he had a good shape! You know what that means.. a new spray painting project yall! 

He has so many crevices. And a big mouth. 

And three points on the bottom. What to do?

Balance him on some cups! 

I sprayed him with high gloss white spray paint for a nice shiny finish. And I didn't sand him. I figure once he was finished, he wouldn't be touched a lot so I didn't bother. 

Oh nos... 

Listen up kiddies, when you use high gloss spray paint, shake it A LOT. And spray a little bit out before you spray it onto the object you want to paint. I sprayed it on directly to the fish without shaking enough, and it bubbled up. And I panicked. And I rubbed it with my finger to fix it. And I totally ruined one side. OOPS! 

The other side looks great though! Woo! The cups allowed me to spray underneath him. I also sprayed in his mouth. I should've done a lot of thin layers, but you know I'm a step skipper. It turned out alright in the end I think! There is a drip on the bottom of his tail (and I bet you wouldn't have noticed until I said something), but it looks pretty even otherwise (minus the other side).

Here he is at his new home! But he needs something..

A stack of books! Needs something else too..

So I stuck my bamboo stalk in there for a picture, but I don't think it's going to stay there. The vase it's in is too tall. I've been looking around for something that fits there though, because it definitely needs a third item. Didn't you know decorative "gatherings" look better in odd numbers? 

Were you hoping for a bathroom update? I still have to do some touch ups on the vanity where it was chipped (she wants to look her best for the pictures, you know). I'm hoping to get that done in the next couple days, so once that's done, I'll get the painting of the vanity post up and some more pictures of the bathroom. The glass panel for the shower won't be in for a couple weeks, so the final final reveal won't be until then!


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