Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Remodel Part Two: Construction and other happenings

Hello all! 

The construction is coming along! I am so ready for it to be finished and to try out the fancy new shower!!! 

Some thoughts: From a DIY standpoint, I'm kind of bummed I don't get to do most of the work (is that weird?). Even from just the few projects I have done, I already feel addicted to doing things myself. It feels SO GOOD to finish something and be able to say: hey, I did that! Obviously I am not advanced enough to do an entire bathroom remodel myself (maybe one day!), so I guess drawing out the plans and picking out the materials and finishes will have to do for this project. I have read blogs where people have redone a bathroom (plumbing and electric included), so I feel like I could learn! Look out, downstairs bathroom!!!! (just kidding.. for now at least). 

Let's see some pictures!!!

bye bye sink! and dumb soap dishes! 

see ya toilet! 

the guts of the plumbing! (same viewpoint as pic above this one.)


sink side, no walls or tile floor. This is where the new vanity will go with the vessel sink!

Looks so weird without walls! This is where the stand up shower will go. Shower head to the left, bench seat to the right. Plumbing will be moved accordingly.

Creepy view into the ceiling.

Plumbing moved! Shower drain to the left, toilet to the right.

Tile backing (duroc?) up! You can see the shelf in the shower for shampoo, and the bench seat! HOW LUXURIOUS! That's the exhaust fan to the right, above where the toilet will be.

Here is where they have moved the pipes around the bends in the wall. Quite a pain with two angles to go around. It will be worth it though!

Tile city! 

base of the shower is poured! 

Tile up on the ceiling! 

Luxurious tile around the shelf! Thank goodness the workers cut it to make a nice pattern around the edges.

Here is the blasted angled wall. Shower head to the top left.

The step over into the shower.

More tile! Coming along now! 


That was all the work done up until Friday. Today (Monday) they put down more tile, and they are so close to finishing! They will finish the tile tomorrow (more than likely) then grout on Wednesday, then I guess the sink and toilet will go in on Thursday! Looks like I'll be showering in style by the weekend! 

By the way, for all those concerned, I FINALLY found a piece of furniture to use for the vanity. 

Isn't she lovely? She was quite a bargain too, coming in just over $175. Amazing, eh? I found her at the Antique Mall in Leeds (which is just a few minutes from here). There was a  ton of cool stuff out there, but since I arrived about 45 minutes before they closed (and the store is HUGE), I literally ran through the aisles looking for a buffet table. When I found this one and checked the price, I almost fell out on the floor with happiness. I told anyone that would listen how I had been searching forever and finally found it! I also called about 5 people when I left to tell the success story.. haha!

After much deliberation on whether to stain or paint it, I have decided to paint. That will be another blog entry here in the next couple days! I just finished it, and she is outside drying as we speak. I guess it turns out I did get to do something myself for the bathroom.. woo woo!




Jeez. Have I dropped the ball or what??! I looked back at last year, and I had a post for almost every game! I'm so behind! 

To sum it up, we are a young team. We make mistakes. The defense leaves a lot to be desired. BUT.. we have heart. And determination. Everyone put us down this year and no one expected us to win more than 5 or 6 games, but we have already beat 2 ranked teams! Given we have lost one (to Clemson), but they are undefeated! (which makes me feel better.) October is our hardest month by far (and harder than any other SEC team), playing 4 ranked teams, and one non-ranked conference team. South Carolina, Arkansas, Florida, and LSU.. then Ole Miss. Thank goodness we beat South Carolina. Arkansas and LSU are away games, and I am nervous! We'll see how it goes though. As my mom says: we are still the defending National Champions! haha 

Auburn, you are so pretty! 

sunset over Jordan Hare!

Sammy!!!!! aka Samford Hall

Toomer's Corner after a win! 

It is so sad, yall. The trees look so small, and there are no leaves at the top. Apparently they take the toilet paper down by hand now. Since I know they won't be there much longer, I take the opportunity to take AS MANY PICTURES AS POSSIBLE. I had over 200 from the last game. No. joke.  

And who wouldn't? 


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