Hello! My name is Rachel Herring (herring like the fish). A mere 2 months after I bought my first home here in Birmingham, AL, I ran into some problems. There was a huge leak and plumbing issues that I had to deal with, and the experience was so hilariously stressful that I knew I needed to document it. So I started I like what I'm Herring (you can read the quite wordy first post here). My roommates and I had to pack up and live in a hotel for a month while everything was fixed. Once we returned, I was in full nesting mode. I instantly became obsessed with DIY projects and finding affordable ways of decorating my home, so the blog took a turn to DIY town.  

My style is a bit modern mixed with vintage dipped in a rainbow. I am not afraid of color! And I will walk over hot coals for a mid-century modern piece of furniture. Who wouldn't?!

I have been creating and designing as long as I can remember, from crayons as a kid to an interior design degree in college. In 2011, I started Herring Design Co (formerly Fish + Line Design), as a small invitation and stationery company. It slowly grew and so did the products I offered, and now I'm doing it full time! You can check out all the projects at herringdesignco.com. Along with the graphic design and art, I love to refurbish thrift store furniture and doodads. Be sure to check out the project gallery tab at the top!

Being a 3rd generation graduate of Auburn University, you're sure to see some of my roots show through with occasional posts on football and lake trips (OK a lot during football season). And, of course, there are lots of appearances by my pups, Cotton and Diesel.

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