My bedroom has been through quite the progression since I've lived here. Here are the projects in the room, along with the story below!

1. Headboard
2. Bedside Table the First
3. Painted Mirrors
4. Ottomans
5. Tea-dyeing Fabric
6. Bedside Table the Second

My bedroom started out having white carpet, which didn't go well with my two pups. 

Then laminate flooring was installed. You can read all about that here

And the furniture was moved back into place. Then I got antsy. I had had this same color in my room in college for several years (with the same bedding and furniture as well), so after having it here for over a year, I decided to redo my bedroom.

And here it is today! I painted stripes on the wall, got new bedding and two new side tables, built some ottomans, a rug, and painted mirrors. 


  1. Hi, Rachel. I clicked on your blog through A2D's link-up. Your bedroom looks so good with the light color on the wall, and I really like the blue and orange accents. Great Job!

  2. what a difference! it's beautiful and so light!