Monday, November 21, 2011

homecoming (along)

Get it?!? It was Auburn's homecoming this weekend.. and my home is coming along! HA! 

I laugh at my own jokes.

I didn't go to the game this weekend in order to help with the house projects. I'm kind of sad I didn't go.. They honored Pat Sullivan (the first Auburn Heisman trophy winner) because it had been 40 years since he won. And he is now the head coach of Samford (who we played). They did a special presentation, and I missed it. Sad sigh. This is the first home game I have missed all season.. Iron Bowl up this next weekend. That is a big enough topic for it's own post..

Onto the big project! Last week, the flooring was delivered to the house. First came the quarter round (shoe moulding) and door thresholds in these mighty large tubes.

Then came the flooring on a big palate. They plopped it in the carport.. apparently it's against policy to bring it inside. I grabbed one case and brought it inside to check it out.

It was a bit lighter than the flooring downstairs, but that was fine with me.

There wasn't near as much natural light upstairs, so it would look a bit darker. Here it is next to the disgusting carpet.

They had to cut it while they were working on the bathroom, which is why there is this rip. When you come up the staircase, this is to the right. We call this room the "nursery" because that's what it was before I bought the house. SO if I refer to it as the nursery in this post, please do not think any of the lovely ladies that live here have a bun in the oven.. because we don't.

I really just wanted to get my duckie shoes in a pic. Aren't they cute?!

Here is half the pile I brought in from outside. It took forever! There were 25 boxes in all.

The flooring guys got there Friday afternoon. I met them at the house after work to discuss the plan. There was an uneven section in the back of the nursery, so they pulled up the carpet to check it out. There was some old roll laminate on top of an extra piece of plywood. So glad there wasn't any damage... just awful flooring.

My mom came in town to help! She brought her new puppy, Bubba. My sister and I don't think he looks like a Bubba, so we call him Teeny. When you say it, you have to go up about 7 octaves higher than you normally speak, and draw it out:

Cotton played along for a little bit. 

Here are some views of my ol' room. It's quite messy. I tend to keep the common areas clean, and don't spend as much time in my own space. I GOTS OTHER THINGS GOIN ON YALL! Like doing house projects! And blogging!

View facing the door.

The armoire is angled against this corner beside the closet. (The angled ceiling prevents it from being pushed flat against the wall).

Dresser to the right of the bed.

And my embarrassing piles of papers and mess on my bedside table.

Here is the clothes rack that's been living in my room since the bathroom renovation. 

I WAS TOO EXCITED TO SLEEP! I didn't go to bed until about 4am. No joke. 

Teeny was awake too.

Next morning, bright and early and ready to work at 7am! 

We moved everything to one side of the room. We put all the knick knacks on top of the bed.

The guys cut up the carpet, rolled it up and then removed the pads.

Mom helped to pull the tack strips up. Apparently there is a fancy tool to quickly remove them... How I wish I would've known about it when I removed them on the staircase project.. ggrrrr.

Teeny helped too!

I wish that subfloor had been finished flooring.. it would've been lovely. Le sigh. 

First down is the padding.

Here's all the junk again! 

Next comes the flooring! 

Time for a potty break with Tttttteeeeeeeeeeeennnnyyyyyyy!

HOW CUTE IS THAT FACE?!?!!!!! He is sooooo cute! 

Half the flooring in my room is complete! 

We moved the furniture onto the finished side and tore up the other side.

There was some unevenness on this side, so they ripped up the subfloor and evened it out.

While they did this, I decided to clean up my windows. Why? Because it seems a three year old painted them.

See the paint all over the glass? Woof.

The guys let me borrow a razor blade, so I scraped and scraped and scraped until the paint came off.

Other side of the window. Looks like a two year old did this side.. 

Great success! I need a really tall ladder to get the outside as well, but it looks a ton better!

Just lovely! I love my window! It's so nice to be able to open them. I kept them open most of the day because the weather was so luxurious on Saturday.

Verrrrrryyy niiiiiicee (borat voice).

They got the floor straightened out and finished up the floors!

Then they put down the quarter round. 



I am leaving the mirror off the dresser for the time being so I can push it against the wall under the ceiling slant. I didn't ever put my makeup on in here (especially now since the bathroom is finished), so I'm going to see how it goes. I can always move it back.. especially now with the slider pads on the amazeball new floors!  

View of the bed before the furniture was moved back. I took the curtains off to wash them. I felt like I had just moved in! 


He couldn't believe all the crazy football games that went down on Saturday night! I COULDN'T EITHER TEENY! I'm just glad AU won.

The next day they started on the other side. They started on the long wall in the nursery and came back towards the bathroom.

We moved stuff onto the old flooring.

And threw the trash out the back window.

It looks so good!!!!! This is a view with my back to the window.


After two days of work, we's was all just scho schleepy! 

This morning (Monday), they finished up the back corner! 

So much trash!

It looks so much better!

Now I just have to straighten up...

My mom thought it would be funny to hang my R all crazy on an existing nail.. And that is the doggie sheet covering my hanging clothes on the bed (to protect them from the pup pups incase they tried to get up there). 

Let's have a small recap:



These were the two most similar views.

IT LOOKS SO MUCH BETTER! Bonus: I can run and slide across the floor in my socks.

 I'll be sure to post more pics once I get everything straightened out and back in it's place! 

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