Friday, November 25, 2011

it's been one week since you looked at me!

Does anyone remember the song "One Week" by the Barenaked Ladies? I LOVED it when I was younger, and learned every word.. memories! haha Anyhow, it's been one week since I've looked at the ol' bloggie blog due to my travels! I went to the lake for Thanksgiving, then Auburn for the Iron Bowl, and lastly, New Orleans for the Saints game! I was such a busy fish! Let's have some pictures, shall we?

Before I left, I brought the pup pups to work! 

It was really just so I wouldn't have to go back home to grab them before heading to the lake. They were so good! Look how sweet..

We got to the lake and it was super chilly, so we started a fire.

Next day was Thanksgiving! Yep, we rocked the paper plates.

Yum yum! We set up the desserts in the laundry room.

Everything else in the kitchen. We had about 50 people come to eat, so there was tons of food.

My dad fried a few turkeys. You don't know what you're missing if you haven't tried a fried turk! 

Gravy and dressing! 


The pup pups hung out on the porch. Teeny came to visit! 

Friday morning I woke up around 6 to let the pups out, and there was some smooooookkeeee ooonnnn theeeee waaaaaaatttteeerrrrrrrrr.

I had that song in my head all. day. long.

Of course I took an Instagram shot.

Later that day, it was time to go to Auburn for the all mighty IRON BOWL! Yay! 

Love this sign at Tiger Rags. 

Toomer's Trees on Friday night. They had a bit of paper in them already.

Still on the side of Toomer's Drugstore! I lubs it.

My sissy and I tried to take a Christmas card. At the bar. HA! All of them looked about like this:

It wouldn't be a blog post with Auburn without a picture of ol Sammy! 

Next day was Gameday! With a capital G.

I thought there would be a flyover, but there wasn't! Everyone around me was shocked as well.

My cousin Terrell came to the game. When we were in college at the same time, we would randomly see each other, take a picture together, and then Auburn would win the game! It was amazing! We thought we'd try our luck again..

The bands played together! How nice was that! It was to show unity throughout the state after the tornadoes that hit in April.

I have the best view from my seats! 

So pretty! 

The game didn't turn out quite how we hoped. I was MAD. Auburn had not lost at home since the Iron Bowl 2009. I stomped myself to Toomer's Corner, because I was going to protect the trees from idiots trying to roll it. The bama fans had gotten permission from the City of Auburn to gather at Toomer's Corner after the game. PARDON?? There are 234,802 more places you could've gathered, but you want to come under our trees that a crazy bama fan poisoned? I was furious. 

I got to the trees, and there were cops all around watching for nut heads (yay!). AND there were tons of Auburn fans yelling: IT'S GREAT TO BE AN AUBURN TIGER! 

Ahhhhhhh! Glorious! 

I love my school! Here's the view from the Bodega corner. So sad and happy at the same time.

Next up was New Orleans! My mom had won tickets to the Saints game and a hotel room at a charity auction! Woo! We got to the airport about 32 minutes before our flight. My mom was freaking out, but we got on the plane. When we arrived in NOLA, we walked around a bit and went to eat at Emeril's. It was delicious! 

The next day was the Saints game. I had to wear the team colors, so I bought a scarf! 
(not a very good pic, but you get the idea..)

We hopped on a streetcar to get to the French Quarter.

We ended up taking it to the end of the line to the Cemeteries stop. I got some awesome pictures! The sun was in just the right spot. 

It's a bit creepy, but sooooo awesome looking with all of the mausoleums. They're like little monuments. 

Some were fancy.

Looking at the entrance.

Some were just pools of dirt. And that's not concrete.. it's mud. I touched it to see.

Some were SUPER fancy! 

This one was my favorite.

Some were falling apart. 

Very nifty.

Goodbye cemetery! 

Inside of a streetcar.

They were decorated for Christmas! Garland on the front!

Street band.

Bourbon Street.

Pretty lights!

We finally made it to the Super Dome! 

Very close seats! 

Who dat?! 

Number 54 right there is Will Herring who played for Auburn! And he may or may not be my cousin..

Ma and me with our Saints scarves! 

The Saints won! Woop woop! 

Back to Bourbon Street! 

We walked through to get to Cafe Du Monde.

We ate some yummy beignets and hot chocolate.

The next day we had some time to sightsee and eat lunch before our flight. Here's a nifty drain.

Harrah's Casino.

Jackson Square. So pretty all done up for Christmas! 

We ate at the Court of Two Sisters. I ate here last time I came. It is delicious.

They had a buffet style lunch/brunch and it was soooo good.

I enjoyed the wall of windows.

Good bye NOLA! 

I'm finally back in Bham for some much needed time at home! I have tons of projects to finish, so get ready for some more bloggie blog posts! 


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