Tuesday, November 15, 2011

mirror, mirror, (finally) on the wall

Hello! I'm back with another house project from the weekend! 

Do we all remember the mirror debacle where the mirror didn't fit in the bathroom, but I had already painted it???

Well worry no more, my friends, for I have found another! TWO in fact!! Remember the inspiration photo I was basing my design off of:

I was tired of looking at the broken gold framed mirror that was temporarily in my bathroom, so I visited my ol' stomping grounds: the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. If you have one of these in your neck of the woods, you should go check it out! 

The mirror below was only FIVE DOLLA!! HOLLAAA! 

The mirror wasn't marked with a price, and there was a small chip on the bottom right. When I walked it up to the register, the nice man at the counter gave me the awesome deal of $5. The chip was very small, but the nice man covered it with lots o' tape so I didn't cut myself, or the seats in my car. HOW NICE!

I decided to get in the picture..

Of course Diesel walked in. Such a mama's boy. So I took the opportunity to take a nice little family pic! (Sans Cotton. She never cooperates).

Do you like my Bill Cosby sweater? 

I couldn't get him to look, so I gave up after about 8 tries.

You might have noticed my pictures aren't that stellar. That's because I take them all with my iPhone. So if there has been a reflection in any of the pics, you've probably noticed my amazingly awesome phone case...


Richard got it for me off eBay for the very pricey amount of $0.50. No joke. It's from Hong Kong. It's flimsy and is easy to take on and off. If you're looking for a new case, check out eBay. 

Onto the second mirror! I checked Southeastern Salvage because that's where I had gotten the first mirror, and they had a huge selection. I couldn't find anything I liked that wasn't too expensive, so I went back to the ReStore and found this baby below:

It was originally $55 but was 30% off so it was only $38.50! When I brought it up to the register, it was SUPER dusty, and the nice guy at the counter used cleaner to wipe it off for me!!! How's that for customer service?!?! 

I stuck it in the bathroom with the first mirror to make sure it fit, and it did! Pardon my junk...

I brought it downstairs and taped it off.

Took it outside to the ol' spray paint patch.

Laid it on some newspaper and painted it.

Of course it got dark on me again because I was hanging the new light in the dining room, so I have no pictures. Here it is once I brought it back inside:

While I cleared off the counter, I laid him against his big brother that doesn't fit. So sorry, BB. 

I put the unframed mirror to the left since it was short enough to fit under the lowest point on the ceiling slope.

One day, I will build a frame for it from some moulding. But for now, he stays naked.

I slid the newly painted mirror behind the sink! It fit perfectly! 

I still need one more mirror to layer on top of these... maybe two. But it's coming along!

(Please note, I also need some pulls. The knobs on there now are only temporary.. which is why you can see the hole next to it.)

It's a bit bright compared to wall, so I may go over it with the same sealant I used on the vanity. 

EEEEE! I can't wait to completely finish it!!!! 

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