Tuesday, January 26, 2016

adult spring break!

When I was a not so wee baby Rachel (around age 14 to 18), almost every year for spring break I'd go with my BFF Caroline down to Panama City Beach. We'd stay at her parent's beach house or her grandmother's beach house, which was right on the beach and glooorious, and we'd have the best time with tons of our closest friends. 

Caroline got the GENIUS idea to have adult spring break since her birthday is at the end of March and falls right during this most glorious beach vaca time. It was planned over 10 days, two weekends with the week in between. 

Naturally since we were doing a throwback vacation, I had to bring some throwback tunes. Behold, the CD art from my high school collection! 

Before I designed invitations, I got my kicks doodling on CDs. I clearly was into rap music. Thanks, Ludacris! 

I made it down to the beach for almost the whole week! The weather was glorious. 

We played some drinking games like the good ol' days at night. 

Caroline was the ahole for a couple rounds :) 

We took a boat to crab island. Sadly, it was pretty windy and cold. 

I did catch these seagulls in the act of mating, so that was hilarious. 

On Caroline's actual bday, we made her a "Spring Break Box" full of goodies! 

It included vodka, champs, coozies, beads, and of course some Smirnoff Ice for icing! 

We all got iced at some point. If you find a stealthily hidden bottle, you have to get down on one knee and chug it. This one was hidden in my makeup bag. So sneaky! 

We went to Cafe 30A for Caroline's birthday dinner. She had previously worked here for years, so they had some fun with the dessert. 

Too funny! 

We came back to the house for some more fun with friends! 

And put the basket of goodies to use! 

We went back on the beach the next day with the new coozies I designed! 

It was another glorious day! 

Caroline and I have been friends since kindergarten, and I've been coming down to the beach with her about that long as well. Her parents have had these cups the whole time, and they are my favorite! I had to document them. 

We cooked crabs for dinner one of the nights along with some steak. 

Caroline reminded me of the chef in The Little Mermaid. 

We went out to Pier Park that evening and ran into some friends from Auburn! 

(Binky's) Caroline, Colie, Trey, Colby, (my) Caroline, me, and Honks.

It just so happened to be my cousin Shelley's 21st bday, so we sent her a picture shout out. 

Caroline, Colbs, and Liz

Caroline sandwich! 

Too much fun with the birfday girl! 

The next day, Honks and I discovered we were both in magazines! My art was in the Local, a magazine in Dothan, and he was recognized for being the chef at a restaurant down in Santa Rosas. So exciting! 

Here's the face when he realizes I'll be making him pose for photos for LIFE! :D 

The second Friday of Adult Spring Break, we left to go to Port St. Joe for Honky's mom's wedding. So much fun! We played tons of corn hole with the brothers. 

And might've had a beverage or 12. 

They were so mad I beat them. Every. time. 

The ceremony was out on the beach. Afterwards, we went to the condo for some food, then back outside for some games and relaxing. 

Bob, Sally, Aunt Claudie, and Jody 

Honky's sister Sally took some photos of us that I'm obsessed with and have already printed out. 

Of course I got on of the siblings too. 

We had a fire on the beach that night before retiring and heading back to PCB the next day. 

Katy and Carter had come in for the weekend, and since Katy was expecting a little nugget, we did some tame activities like putt putt. MY FAVORITE!! 

All the Sewanee grads, Katy, Caroline, Carter, and Honks. 

Posing in front of the octopus. 

To save you some addition, I WON! :D I also had a couple of holes-in-one. Quite proud, I might try out for the WPGA tour. 

I returned to Honky's neck of the woods the next day. Bye bye, PCB! 

I had some very important business to take care of when I returned.. 

Icing Gordo. 

He's Honky's roommate, and he also went with me to the beach since Honks was working. 

I was cold, so Gord helped by giving me WSP gear. Typical. 

In other news, I was on my first invitation with Honks not as a guest! My whole name on the outside envelope! 

I didn't blur the address bc he doesn't live here anymore. I'll have to post pics of the new house because it is glorious! I'm basically a beach resident now. 

Monday, January 25, 2016

terrell's savannah bachelorette trip!

My dear sweet cousin Terrell got married last year, and of course we had to have a bachelorette party before the big day! We went to Savannah, and there were several cousins and friends there for the fun. 

Below L to R, Terrell, Ashley, me, Ashton, and Binky driving. 

A little background, Terrell and Ashley are sisters (along with Shelley, who met us there), Binky and I are sisters and are cousins with Terrell and Ashley on both our moms' side, and Ashton is a cousin from their dad's side. 

What could be better than Chick-fil-a breakfast?! 


This champagne chiller made for a great 40oz. beer coozie. 

Shelley brought her selfie stick along for some pics. 

We went to dinner at a yummy place while we waited for more of the girls to arrive. 

Ohhh cuzzies! 

It was St. Patrick's Day weekend, and the town was crowded! 

We went to a few bars before heading in for the night. 

The next day we walked to our planned activity. Savannah is so pretty! 

One of the girl's brought these cutie cute coozies! 

Our activity for the day was a PEDAL PUB CRAWL! hahaha! 

In case you're not familiar, a pedal pub crawl is where you saddle up on this little trolley with pedals, and you "bike" yourself to several bars around the town. 

There's a driver who steers and plays the music of your choice. Naturally there was a lot of Beyonce :) 

We had tons of fun! 

Somewhere along the way, we grabbed some St. Patty's Day garb. 

Me with the bride to be! 

We got a pic with the whole group after it was over, which included another bachelorette party. 

I love a good neon sign. This one reminded me of my logo fish. 

We had some lunch downtown, then walked leapt back to the hotel. 

Love my cuzzie Ashley! 

I have an obsession with giant trees. This one is no exception. 

Per usual, Binks was not thrilled with my scenery photo taking. 

We got ready for dinner that evening, and it was delicious! Afterwards, we went to a bar around the corner. Shelley sent this to our other cousin, Brother:

Honks is officially a part of the cuzzie group now! haha! 

I loved the art on the walls of this bar:

Later, we went to a little less.. sophisticated joint. 

and sang our little hearts out! 

And danced the night away! This might be the best pic of T I got all weekend. :) 

Of course hula Bink made an appearance!

I had the best time with my fam jam! The wedding was even better.. :)