Friday, January 22, 2016

mural city art walk 2015

I returned to Dothan for the second annual Mural City Art Walk at the beginning of March! It's always the first Saturday in March, and if you recall, my dear sweet mother started this art walk herself. Naturally I'll be here every year! 

If you've been around me during art-show-mode (or project-mode in college), you've witnessed my sanity going out the window while I stay up all hours of the night creating products. It never fails that in the wee hours of the morning, I come up with new ideas that I HAVE to get on paper/wood immediately. During the creating rush for this show, I came up with this little guy as my new subject matter-


How have I not thought of this before?! I am from Dothan, the peanut capital of the world, so it was only natural for that to pop in my head. 

I made several magnets for the first time for this show as well (note a couple of peanuts in there too!). 

And along with a new subject matter, I started a new medium for my shows with watercolors. I loved them in high school, and haven't used them much since, but I enjoyed working with them an awful lot!

When I cut the paper down to the size I wanted, it left strips of paper about two inches wide, and I couldn't let those go to waste! I made these little landscapes out of them and put them into frames to sell. 

I framed to peanuts, too! 

My sissy and her pup came down with me, and we all piled into my tahoe with my doggies and art show supplies! You can't see him, but Bo is sitting with Cotton in the captain's chair. 

And Possum was seated in front of the front seat!

Cotton was NOT thrilled with this arrangement. 

So many items! 

It was chilly on Saturday morning, but sweet Colby came to help us setup for the second year in a row! 

Some booth pics, shall we? 

Sweet Neanie got to come to this show too along with Aunt Robin! She made it to the one last year as well. 

One of my most favorite pictures! 

Aunt Terri and Uncle Alan made it by! 

Caroline came down from Auburn for the festivities too! 

Group shot! 

Another excellent show in the books! I'm prepping for the 2016 Mural City Art Walk as we speak, so come on down if you're in the wiregrass area on March 7th! Downtown Dothan on Foster street! 

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