Monday, November 21, 2016

march 2016

The first weekend in March brings about the Mural City Art Walk in my hometown of Dothan, AL! Per usual, I made several new pieces for the show. 

This little hearts were a big hit. They're around 4x4" each.

One of my new favorites is the Hey Good Lookin' piece on an 18" circle. 

I really liked the Hello Darlin' boards as well.

I made a couple of different sizes. 

This 12" circle of Alright Alright Alright was another favorite!

along with the Sweet Home Alabama piece. 

I made a bunch of peanut string arts for the show in the peanut capital of the world! I love love love the little bitty ones.

Soon enough it was time for the show!

I ate lots of peanuts :)

Neanie came for the third year in a row! 

I love when she gets to come see me at shows! She took home this little peanut.

It was a nice day and there was a good turnout!

As the day wound down, I got a hold of some wine from another booth down the street :)

Deavours and Zach, two of the guys I graduated high school with, were at the show! They so nicely helped me break down my booth after it was all over.

After the show, I drove down to the beach to hangout with my man.

A wee bit cold to swim, but it was nice sitting in the sun.

We were on Grayton Beach, where you can drive onto the sand if you have a permit. Luckily we have friends that carried us down there since neither of us have a permit.

I got my first taste of the triple pork nachos at Chanticleer Eatery. I've had them multiple times since then. So so so good.

I had done a logo for some of Honky's friends who have a food truck in Destin, and they put it on the side of an airstream! SWOOOON! 

Mid March brought about the coming soon sign! EEE!

"Oh there you are, Peter!"

One of my favorite lines to quote haha!

Bink and I get silly on weekends sometimes, and she channeled her inner Possum.

Sweet Poss poss!

I built this table for house staging. Not the most sturdy thing, but it looked good enough for its purpose.

I rented a storage unit to put all my excess items in. I quickly filled it up. To the ceiling. 

I had a ton of crap that needed to be moved out during showings:

I soaked up roomie time before the eventual big move. Mollie ended up buying a house, so she moved out in March. :(

My realtor suggested I replace the light in the dining room, so I found this little gem for around $25 at Home Depot.

It reminded me of the light from the Brave Little Toaster lol.

I found this rug for a mere $100 at At Home in Irondale! It looked so good.

One the love seat was moved, I had a crisis thinking it looked too open in the den.

but it looked fine once the rug was rolled out.

I made a new gallery wall in my office for showings. 

I also laid pine straw myself in all the flowerbeds. And hauled it in my Tahoe. It was SO messy. I clogged three vacuums at the carwash sucking up all the pine needle remnants. 

It was worth it though!

Can you spy the glass of much needed champs? lol

The house was listed the next day on a Monday!

I kept finding little things to add to make it look nicer, like whipping up some artwork for one of the guest rooms.

Here's the table I built all staged. 

I had tons of showings that first week. I would usually go hang out at Binky's and play with Possum while I waited to go back home.

At the end of March was one of my bff's birthday, so I made this for her showing where all she's lived.

My other bff Katie and I drove to Atlanta for Caroline's birthday and to celebrate her engagement! It was a total surprise to her, but her boyfriend had called me to let me in on the secret. She had no idea it was coming, and didn't know we would all be there to celebrate afterwards.

Mimi and Caroline

Katie, Meems, and me


We've all been friends since kindergarten, hence the 5 we're all holding up.

I tried to soak up a bunch of Birmingham activities, because I didn't know when I would be leaving. I met up with Candace and friends at Saw's one afternoon.

Then we headed to Avondale for some outside sitting and brews.

Possy came to play too!

So silly.

I had too much champs and took a bunch of pics of the trees in Binky and Randy's backyard. What a weirdo.

I created this giant map for a client of the southern states. 

I loved the way it look even with just the nails!

I filled in the states where the client has lived. 

It was pretty big at 24x36". 

I also made this two state in March. I always love the way these turn out. 

My cousin Ashley got me to design an invitation for her party celebrating her finishing cosmetology school.

Love getting mail with both our names on it! 

I'll be posting the staged house pics in the next post! I love the way the house turned out.