Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hatch Show part deux.

Craft Sunday!!!! Time to hang the prints! I bought the frames on Saturday at Michael's. If you ever have to buy anything from Michael's or Hobby Lobby, get on their websites and print off the weekly coupon. There was already 40% off all of the frames, but I found a coupon for an extra 25% off! AMAZING! I was going to do custom framing, but it was going to be close to $80 a picture sooooo, yeah. I decided to put them on the wall of the staircase. 

First I framed them all. Even though they aren't the same size, I got the same size frames. Next I had to measure out the wall. I do this whenever I have to hang things.. like the records that I have hung in three different houses.. it's gotta be done!

I can't figure out how to turn pictures on the blog.. but here is my sketchy sketch!  I ended up using the board width to determine the width, so they are spaced out evenly. Here they are!


view from the couch.


THIS was GROWING in my car floor board!!! 

how green!! 


{ precious }

Monday, March 14, 2011

Hatch Show Print

Hatch Show Print was the Yes, I just said but it maybe appropriate to bring it back just for this. I've been wanting to go for forever, and I made the most of it by buying half the store. 



I actually only bought 3 big ones, 1 small one, and some postcards. 

{ johnny cash }

{ hank williams }

EEEEEEE I love it!

{ P O S T C A R D S }

These final three were gifts from months/years before I got to go:

I have a new house project, and it's to get all of these framed and hang them along the wall on the staircase. Luckily for me, there is a 65% OFF SALE of custom framing at Michael's this week!!!!!! Regular frames won't fit these babies, so at least I'll be getting a deal. 

One of my most favorite... 

This is the small one I got! I LOVE IT!!!!! So much so that I already went and got it framed, and it's hanging in the dining room.

View from our hotel, so pretty! 

The bachelorette party was muchos fun BTW! I'll have to elaborate at a later date..

{ later, yall }

(also I am still enjoying these things -->{ })


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Short Thoughts by a Short Person.

I REALLLLLLY want this to come to Birmingham:

Because I am in love with this band:

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

It all started with this song:

Carries On, 40 Day Dream, and Janglin (to name a few) came next 

{ look em up peeps! }


I am VERYYYY angry at this man:

Because of what he did to this:

And don't say it's just a tree, we all know it means more than that. 

And everyone is sad about it..

But i was VERRRYYYY happy for this:


I woke up to this one morning:

And then this the next morning: 

{ Just make yourself comfortable, Diesel.. }

And of course Cotton a few days later...



(OK, the search was rather narrow, seeing as i was looking for "round the clock shower")

Because I was doing some research to start designing these babies:

And this one:

They ended up picking the top one. 

 { Don't forget to look at all the new stuff on!! }


I'm going here this weekend, yall! 


I REALLLLLLYYYYY want to go here!

because im obsessed with these:


Go look up Hatch Show Print errybody!!! It inspired my interior design portfolio cover:

(I guess it doesn't look just like Hatch Show, but I had found some posters with the radial in the back that I had liked)





What are everyone's thoughts on these things:  {   } 

I used them a couple time throughout. I think they look like a fancy (  ). And I kinda like em.