Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hatch Show part deux.

Craft Sunday!!!! Time to hang the prints! I bought the frames on Saturday at Michael's. If you ever have to buy anything from Michael's or Hobby Lobby, get on their websites and print off the weekly coupon. There was already 40% off all of the frames, but I found a coupon for an extra 25% off! AMAZING! I was going to do custom framing, but it was going to be close to $80 a picture sooooo, yeah. I decided to put them on the wall of the staircase. 

First I framed them all. Even though they aren't the same size, I got the same size frames. Next I had to measure out the wall. I do this whenever I have to hang things.. like the records that I have hung in three different houses.. it's gotta be done!

I can't figure out how to turn pictures on the blog.. but here is my sketchy sketch!  I ended up using the board width to determine the width, so they are spaced out evenly. Here they are!


view from the couch.


THIS was GROWING in my car floor board!!! 

how green!! 


{ precious }

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