Friday, June 17, 2011

i hope you still like what you're herring..

Oh my goodness, I hope people still read my blog!!!!! I AM SO SORRY I HAVEN'T WRITTEN IN THREE MONTHS!!!! So much for the New Year's resolution..

SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED!!! Let's start where we last left off.. 

I went to stay with one of my bff's at the beach during a wedding weekend down there, and she just moved into her new condo! Look at this AMAZING view! You can see the bay and the beach! 


Her place is great as well! I wish I would've taken pictures.. 


I went home for a weekend, and I found this old logo for my parent's business. It's the original Herring fish. 

This is actually an old car decal. PRETTY NIFTY, EH!? I love this fish.. I almost used it for my logo. 




We shook up Easter tradition a little bit and decided to head to the lake instead of going to Dothan. Since I live in Bham and my sister lives in Auburn, we kind of met in the middle. Of course I made everyone go to Oskar's on Friday night.. 


These things are a heart attack in a basket yall, but they are delish. We had a lovely time at the lake! My schweet baby girl went swimming, as usual. 

My sister bought this bomb-ace float!!! I had to pose on it just so you could see how HUGE it is!!! 

This was my first experience on it. Let me tell you the crazy story of how Binky told me she had purchased this thing:
I got a call from Binky while I was sitting at my house in Birmingham, and it went a little something like this:

          Me: hello!
          Me: ummm...
          Bink: it might be the biggest thing i've ever purchased..
          Bink: OMG, you guessed it!!! 

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am psychic. I didn't even know she was at Sam's! I have tried this luck on lottery tickets, but it hasn't come through for me yet.. 

Back to the lake! We had the annual Easter egg hunt in the lake yard. I got second place! woo woo! My daddio brought one of his awesome cars. How i wish i could drive a stick shift... 

so, so awesome. How i wish i knew more about these cars..


On April 27th, the tornados hit in our area. I got to leave work early and went home to work on invitation stuff. I was sitting upstairs in my room, listening to music and working, when I checked facebook and saw a picture someone had posted of this tornado that had touched down in Tuscaloosa. I immediately turned on the weather channel and saw that it was headed this way. I panicked a bit because I was home alone. Right then my roommate called me and told me to come over to our other friend's house who had a basement. I ended up throwing the dogs in her room (by her request), grabbed my keys, and headed outside. You know how they say a tornado sounds like a train?? It sounded like that.. so I immediately got panicked. I headed over to my neighbors house, and he said he was going to a friend's house as well. Turns out the noise was from the speed of the wind.. but I was still nervous nonetheless. I got to my friend's house, and we all camped out in the basement and watched it come our way. 

SO SCARY! We were so lucky that it missed our area of town. So many tornadoes touched down across the state. I remember the night before it hit, the weatherman commented that he had never seen anything like this in his life, and that everyone should be on alert the next day. One hit in Dadeville after the big one came by Birmingham, which is where our lake house is. I was so nervous that something had happened. My cousin was up there, and gave me updates but was unable to get to the house until the next day, but we heard that some of our friends' houses hadn't been so lucky. I was so nervous when he called the next day, but everything at our house was fine (except for the power being out). The tornado had come within about 200 yards of our house. We were so lucky. More pictures on that later! 


I signed up for an art show in Montgomery to show my invitations! I had to build a stand to display them all. I trucked it up to Home Depot with the ol boyfrand. He helped me build it from scratch! (but i must say it was my mathematical genius-ness that figured out the dimensions).

all the pieces

the bottom half

the top and bottom together! it fit perfectly! 

 then i had to bring in the top part to lay out all of the frames to make sure they fit. 

and then I covered it with a navy sheet, put nails in it, and hung the frames! Next task was loading it into my car.. I thought I had measured it enough to fit in the back. FAIL. (so much for the mathematical genius-ness). We eventually squeezed it in after many attempts in different angles.. so I guess WIN? it was a huge pain. 




Of course my main man Cam went first. WOO WOO! 

We made our way to Montgomery after that. My dear sweet sorority sister put us up for the next couple of nights. I ordered my business cards and got them sent there (I was afraid they wouldn't get to Bham in time.. of course I waited until the last minute to order them.) Anyhow, here they are!! 


they turned out just how i'd hope! 

The next day we got up and headed to the venue. I realized when we got there that I had FORGOTTEN THE CHAIRS!!! Luckily, there was a grocery store nearby, and the bf went and grabbed us a couple of folding chairs. PHEW! We got a prime location, set up the tent, the boards, the table, etc. 

Here's the set up! 

here's the board up close

the candy dish to lure in the customers, with the business cards on top

some of the cards on the table

I haven't heard back from anyone yet, but my fingers are still crossed! 


So you all may recall when I shaved Cotton for the first time.. she looked like Falcor from The Neverending Story... Well that looked amazing compared to...

Crazy lion mane!! 

I still haven't fixed it yet.. oops.


I went to the Hangout Fest this year! It was awesome! 

cool entrance with the jelly fish

we got to walk around with our feet in the sand! amazeballs.

I bought Hangout tickets for myself because it was the kickoff weekend for


It was great fun! My bday landed on a dreaded Monday, but we went to Parkside, one of my most favorite bars, and had a lovely time! My sissy sent me these lovely flowers:

in the shape of a cupcake! how cute!

and this hilarious note! 

::::::::::::   ::::::::::::::::   :::::::::::::   ::::::::::::::   ::::::::::::::

We went to the lake for Memorial Day weekend. Of course when we got there on Friday night, I wanted to take the customary trip to Oskar's... BUT I WAS OUT-VOTED!!! Apparently, I am the only one who loves it so much.. sigh. So we went to Niffer's.. which was OK because I got..

A FISHBOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Of course we drug the big ol float out into the water and layed around all weekend.

And I got to see my niecey, Possum! 


A few of us went to Brewfest here in bham. It's pretty awesome! They give you a shot glass when you go in, and you just walk around to all these beer booths with different types of beer. HEAVEN! While I was there, I picked up this post card..


I have a lot more to write about, but it will have to wait until the next blog. This one took me FOR.EV.ER to write... but the next one won't take me 3 months to get on here..