Tuesday, March 29, 2016

it's gonna be MAY (2015)

May is always eventful! Tons of friend's bdays, Honky's bday along with Rachelpalooza, and weddings! I love this time of year!

Bo wasn't going to let Cotton celebrate..

unless he got to be next to his mama. 

I believe he'd fight to the end to be in that spot! 

They're just tussling here. I think Cotton looks like a white wolf when she bears those teeth. 

Colby came into town to celebrate his bday, which was May 5th! We went to Ranelli's for lunch, one of my favorites! Best pizza sub I've ever had.

I got him these balloons since it was the big 3-0! 

They make for excellent photo props! 

We had a spectator..

I see you creeping, Bo man! 

Since it was Cinco de Mayo when we went out, there were tons of party favors already present at the bar! Yay for sombreros! 

We said hello to the balloons when we got home..

Bo does not believe in personal space in the mornings when he's ready to go out. 

Later in the month, I went to Chuck's Fish where my cousin works to visit and eat. She so nicely surprised me with an early bday dessert! 

Chucks is delicious! The sushi is soooo good. 

Ashley and me

Mollie came as well! Her bday was May 1st, but I seem to have not gotten any photos celebrating that evening! 

I can always count on Bo to be helpful during photo shoots! 

So schweet! 

The balloons hung around all month since my big 3-0 was coming up! 

Bo seems to know when the bedding is clean, and helps out by getting fur on the pillows right away. 

There was a glorious sunny day, so I took the opportunity to get some pics with the balloons! 

Bink was a big help haha! 

My fav! 

Jumping pics rarely work..

Binky and Possum came to visit several times this month.

Isn't she a beauty?! I love that white fur! 

Such a sweetie!

Aw wee! 

Of course Bo had to get in on the action.

My crazy boy.

Too many indians in the bed. 

Soon enough it was May 15..

Cotton's bday! 

It's tradition to dress up the pups and take pics. 

They're thrilled! 

I decided we would celebrate Bo's half birthday on this day, so he got to dress up as well. I nicknamed him Boa for this occasion.

Cottonball turned NINE if you can believe it! 

She still acts like a pup when she gets excited. I just love her so! Happy bday Cottonball! 

Monday, March 28, 2016

april 2015 happenings

Among the April weddings of 2015 were several not as big events that I wanted to document. My Bo baby was still growing! Such a cutie! 

I did a Cape San Blas string art the week after I had returned from there for Honky's mom's wedding! What a coincidence! 

My Bo man acts a lot like his late brother, Diesel. I sit at the dining table to paint, and I got a pic of Bo doing exactly what Diese boy had done years before. Makes me tear up just looking at it.  

I had a commissioned painting for a friend. It was a bit different than anything I have previously done, but I really loved doing it. It was a watercolor map of Mobile Bay. 

I sketched it out in pencil

then went over it in pen.

Magnolia detail!

Then I added the watercolor! I must've finished it up in May, because this isn't the final photo, but it's the last one I have.. 

I met a guy at the Mural City Art Walk who worked at Back Forty Brewing in Gadsden. He said he'd love to have some of my pieces hanging in their tasting room. Done! 

I went to drop off pieces, and discovered I knew some of the guys that worked there, including an old HA alum! They were so nice, and poured me a beer while I got the artwork ready to sell! 

I spent Easter Sunday with my roomie Mollie and her family. 

We had a lovely day and delicious lunch. 

Bo selfies! 

Gettin' handsy. Or is it pawsy? 

I created this fancy Texas string art. I love the colors! 

Mollie and I went to the Magic City Art Connection, and I bought this piece from one of my favorite Bham artists, Chris Davis. 

One of the last weekends in April was the Indy Race out at Barber Motor Speedway in Birmingham. 

My roommate Carl got several of us VIP tickets since his restaurant was one of the sponsors of this awesome tent. 

A crazy storm blew in, and we had to evacuate to the museum that was on the grounds. 

Luckily it blew over after an hour or so. 

Then the sun came out, and we got to enjoy the race! 

Sweet babies! 

Someone has become the biggest mama's boy on the planet. 

I don't hate it! 

The Barber's event was two days, so we were back at it on Sunday! 

It was a glorious day!

Candace, me, and Mollie

We got just a bit silly..

Love these ladies!

We cray. 

Soon enough, the race was over!  

I was enthralled with this fish pond. 

We were pretty much the last people left at the venue haha! 

Exhibit A: Green bean all alone in the field that was PACKED with cars earlier.

She looks so fancy with the sun shining on her! 

Birmingham! We passed the city on the way home, so I had to get a shot of her. 

Bo baby hogging the pillows. 

As fun as April was, May was even better! So many birthdays to celebrate!