Sunday, March 27, 2016

deav and kelsey's beach wedding

 Last April, some of my dear friends got hitched down in Rosemary Beach. Deavours (the groom) and I graduated high school together, and Kelsey (the bride) went to school with my sister. To say this was a big Dothan wedding is an understatement! I loved getting to see tons of friends for this glorious event! 

On the Thursday before the wedding, there was a welcome party for everyone that had made it down to the beach. 

L to R: Brad, Chris, Kelsey, Deavours, and me

Brad really hasn't changed much since 7th grade :) 

The boys! Basically my brothers, we've all grown up together. 

With the groomie! 

We decided all the Dothan people left at the party should take a prom pose photo on the staircase. Hilarious! 

Kelsey, Deavours, Seaborn, Alexis, Chris, me, Brad, Mary Neal 

The happy couple! 

They had these cute welcome bags with local beer, champs, and treats. Brad threw a few extra brownies in for good measure. 

The next day, several of us met up on the beach. I just love this crew! 

L to R: Deav, Brad, Alexis, me, Seaborn, Buck, Zach

Some of the group had to leave to get ready for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

The rest of us decided to go get some grub. My talented friend Seaborn showed us this portrait he created for the newlyweds. SO GOOD! 

Brad being Brad! 

We found a little Mexican place and started with margs for the table. 


After lunch, Bink and I went back to the beach for a little bit while the rest of the crew went to the rehearsal dinner. There was a pigeon who joined us. If you recall from the Europe posts, Binky is NOT a fan of these birds. 

Of course these tourists took the opportunity to feed all the birds, which thrilled binky. 

Sissy selfie! 

At some point, Binky facetimed one of her friends while she went out into the ocean. Bystanders were concerned she was going to kill her phone, but it was perfectly safe in her life proof case. 

That evening we met up with all our friends at the Pearl in Rosemary, then headed over to Chris's dad's house for a bit. 

The next day, we got some food at La Playa, which is where Honks worked at the time. He so nicely sent us out some wingies. The way to my heart!! 

Colbs had also arrived to play with us! 

Soon enough, it was wedding time! The venue was so beautiful! It was outside at Rosemary Beach on the most beautiful green space.

me, Deav, and Andrea

We kept thinking it was going to rain. It misted a bit, but held out for the most part! 

Andrea, Ragan, and I have gone to school since kindergarten (along with about 37 others from this weekend), and also had similar style choices this day. ;) 

my beardy! 

Two of my favorite guys

First dance! 

Deavours's dad, Mr. Alan, was my chaperone on our high school Europe trip, and we still bond over it to this day haha! Ms. Libby is one of my mom's dear friends, so we had to get a pic together! 

Awww besties!

Some of Bink's friends! So fun to have a big group of all our friends together! 

I believe this was a "everyone say PEANUT on three!!" shot.

Some of my favorites! 

These light-up balls were released once the sun set! 

Overhead shot from the balcony

Chris and Honks were instant BFFs. 

Found more friends willing to take pictures! :) 

Daniel, Andrea, Honks, me, Keisha, Matt, Lucy, Morgan, Spiro, and Colby

Everyone was having tons of fun!

New besties continuing shenanigans. 

Katy and Binky

The Herrings and Planzs! 

Zach, Matt, Honks 

After the reception, we all headed to Shades, a bar down the street. This is actually the place where Honky and I met! How sweet! 

Keisha, Matt, me, Morgan, Honks

Some of the boys

Thumbs up!

Bink, Morgan, and Boyd. 

The next day, we woke up to quite the flood. 

So we went to Stinky's for some food. 

Since Brad and Chris were in town from Denver, they weren't leaving until Monday. We decided to go canoeing after Honky got off work so they could enjoy the ocean! 

me and Honks with Brad and Binky in the background

I'm sure Honks was thrilled with my picture-taking, non-paddling self. 

Brad is such a ham! haha! 

We saw a man o' war on the beach. 


The beach was SO ROUGH, we mainly stayed on the sand before paddling back to the lake side. 

I'd like everyone to take note of Bink's vintage swimsuit that belonged to our grandmother! HAHA! 

Binky stayed a few days that next week, so since it was sunny on Monday, we went to the beach again! 

We made friends with some guys on the beach, and they invited us to play cornhole. 

Afterwards we went to get some grub. I made Honks this fancy bib with a crayon rendering of an ocean sunset. 

We might've gotten a little silly after a couple of these bad boys. 

Our friend Colin joined us,

and showed off his V-neck shirt. :) 

The view here was so nice! I can't remember the name of the restaurant just now, but it was yummy! 

I headed back to the 'Ham the next day! 

Soon enough, I won't have to leave! 

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