Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Auburn vs LSU game / beach trip

Another lake trip and Auburn game? Yes, yes it is! 

Of course another visit by Duckie as well! 

Dad started feeding him dog food, and he loved it. 

Not so sure how Cotton felt about sharing her food.. 

Sometimes she just sits out on the end of the dock alone. 

I have a small obsession with clouds. 

I usually take too many pics of them. At least at the lake, there aren't any power lines in the way. 

Also obsessed with pics of this guy. He had to be led around on a leash because he started running around the neighborhood and terrorizing the neighbors. No lie, a cop came by one morning. Usually the houses around us are pretty empty during the fall, but I guess I'll have to be super cautious now. Sorry, Bo man! 

Even though Bink was back in town, she had a wedding to attend this weekend, so it was just me, mom and dad on Friday night. We went to Oskar's for dinner and this was hanging up. 

Most probably know, but I have an large obsession with screen printed posters, and this one was no exception. They told me I could have it! Yay! I carefully removed it from the window. Even though there a creepy clown, it says Opelika (where I was born), so it's a bit more special than some of the others in my collection. 

Here's a rare moment of peace between Bo and dad. 

And a not so rare shot of them on top of me. Cotton won't sleep with me and Bo in the big queen bed at home but has no problem loading up on the twin bed at the lake. 

How you gonna shove yo mama against the wall, pups?! 

I'm not really bitching.. who turns down puppy cuddles?! 

The next day was game day! Good morning, Duckie! 

It was the big Ole Miss vs. Bama game, and College Game Day was in Oxford for the very first time ever. The guest host was epic.. 

Katy Perry! 

And she picked Auburn to win! Shockingly, the majority of her picks won. She needs to come back more often, it was hilarious. 

Also, in case you are unaware, LSU fans are referred to as corn dogs, which is why Katy is holding one up, saying they're going down haha.

Soon it was time to head to Auburn! I saw a ton of friends tailgating! 

Heather and Stewart

Heather is a Bama fan, clearly being a good sport coming to good ol' AU. 

Of course my biffers Colby was at the game! 

Laurie, fellow HA and AU graduate with moi 

Katy came to another game as well! 

Laurie and Abby, another high school/college friend! 

PEANUTS! Don't mind if we dooooo! 

As we were walking up the ramp, I saw my friend Chipper, another high school friend who is a big LSU fan. What a coincidence! 

Eagle flight! She's right in the middle of the AU on the 50.

The usual Auburn pic!


It was a really good game. If you recall, they were the only ones that beat us last season before heading to the National Championship game. 

This was really the game of finding friends. I ran into Stephen and Dorothy in the stands! They were still living in Ohio at this point, so it was really exciting to see them!

We won!!! It was looking like another good season was in front of us.. 


Naturally we walked through Toomer's Corner! 

It's always a bit fuller after an SEC game. 

Katy, Colbs, and Carl

Jumping pic in the tp. 

On Sunday, we had a cuzzie lake day! Binky came from Montgomery after the wedding, Andrea and Shelley go to Auburn, and Terrell was in AU for the game from Nashville, so they all came over with Aunt Dale and Uncle Al. 

We tried to perfect our selfie. 

Terrell and Shelley (sissies) invited us to go to Orlando! Their fam has a condo down there, so we had a free place to stay. And did I mention Binky finally read Harry Potter while in Alaska? We were both DYING to go to Harry Potter world! We would leave for that trip in a couple weeks. 

Before that though was the beach trip for my friend Caroline's fashion show! 

View from her condo. SOOOO beautiful! 

We've been friends since kindergarden. She was living in Denver at the time, so I knew I had to make it down to the coast to visit since I didn't get to see her very much! 

The fashion show had her a room at the hotel that was close to the venue, so Binky came down with me. 

Here we are before the fashion show. 

Here we have Binks and a very special mister that for some sad reason, this is the only pic I got of him this trip. Nice arm tho, amiright? 

Caroline told me she had someone for me to meet before I came down. Set ups never worked for me, but I agreed, and here we are going on strong 8 months later! More on that later! 

We saw a lot of different designers before Caroline's collection! Her's was the best by far.

It was so exciting to see! I even got to go backstage for a bit to help out! 

Colby and my roomie Carl were able to come down later in the week since we had so much space between the hotel and Caroline's condo. Party time! 

Caroline had to leave to go to the airport on Saturday afternoon, so we all met for lunch before she left. We stayed for drink specials and football, because Saturday (duh). Auburn played Miss State, and we got whooped in the 1st quarter. I thought we were gonna come back, but sadly no. Even with the loss, this was one of the best weeks ever! 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

homecoming and a wedding

After Alaska, I continued with the traveling by heading back to the lake. My cousin was getting married in Opelika, and my daddio needed a date (or perhaps it was the other way around), so we went together. 

We took the old '56 to the festivities. 


A couple of Auburn football players were there, so of course I had to get a pic! 

Dad with cousin Trey.

and moi with the groom, Jace! 

I had tons of fun! We didn't stay terribly long. After I took advantage of the open bar, dad revealed he can't drive very well in the dark..

We watched football when we got back. Dad watched with binoculars due to his bad vision haha! 

There's this spot on the road to our lake house where a tornado passed through back in 2011. Now you can see the lake from the street, and almost always a spectacular view of the sky. 

The next weekend was the Auburn Homecoming game! Of course I came back for it. The sororities and fraternities get together to make floats for the homecoming parade. This one was spectacular! 

And it was done by DDD! 

A very leisurely game.

Ma had gotten me this new game day dress. I loved it, except I noticed once I climbed the ramp on this blustery day that the wind could take total control of it. EEK! 

Pretty skies! 

I walked through Toomer's Corner on the way to meet some friends at Bodega. 

I just love Auburn! 

Binky got back from Alaska the afternoon of the game, but was too pooped to make it to Auburn. We got to hang out a bit on Sunday before she headed back to Dothan with Ma.

And speaking of mom, to go with the Dad DC I had on the way to Alaska, ma insisted we get a pic together with this can made for her at the lake :)