Wednesday, June 3, 2015

august and arkansas/auburn game

This also could be titled "pup pic dump". How can I stop?! They're such cute babies! 

Cotton is THRILLED with her baby brother. 


Aunt Binky came to visit before she left for Alaska to work for several months. She went up there a couple years ago, and her old boss hired her back for the season. 

Bo was clearly upset she was leaving us

for about 5 minutes. 

He then lashed out by eating his brand new toy in about 3 seconds. 

How did we relieve stress? Went to the lake again, of course! 

Cotton is my water baby and loves to swim. Bo will splash around on the boat ramp, but that's about it, just like Diesel use to do. Is it a black dog thing? Probably just a mama's boy thing.. 

Dad fried up some fish, one of my favorite things he makes! 

(I'm talking to you, Mollie :)) 


These little spider dudes made the coolest web. 

It's like a little vortex cave structure! Dad and I watched them all summer. They moved the webs a couple times, then were gone by the late fall. 

I had several string arts to catch up on come August. Bo helped a lot. 

With football season comes college themed boards. 

I had a major order from Auburn Art of about 50 pieces. I finished them all in about a week! I had to take some to the lake to string before taking them to Auburn for game weekend, but they all got finished! 

Like I said, I headed to the lake for the Auburn vs. Arkansas game weekend. It was Labor Day too, so perfect for a long weekend on the water. 

This message was left in the frying pan haha! 

Purp a derp on the dock.

Such a pretty weekend!

Bo found this giant stick that he played with all weekend. 

Soon it was game day! Colby, Candace, and Donnie came to the game. Donnie was my neighbor (he just moved out a couple months ago), and he's an Arkansas fan. Per usual, I wanted to be an unofficial Auburn ambassador, so he along with several Arky friends came to the game then to the lake for the weekend! 

The weather was very ominous. It was sunny and hot one second

then pouring down rain the next. 

We were at Colby's parent's tailgate, and they had tons of delicious food! We met up with Donnie's friends, then walked to the game soon afterwards. The weather cleared up, then turned into the hottest game I've ever sat through.

Colby and Candace didn't make it very long. Of course I sat through it haha! I had to fill up a water bottle at least 4 times and stand at the concession stand area for a bit to cool off. It was that bad. 

I eventually went back to my seat. Then the clouds rolled in. 

I walked to the bathroom, and when I came out, there were a million people in the breezeway. I ran out to the bleachers and saw this:

(not photoshopped at all, btw)

So scary! 

The wind came whipping into the stadium and carried all this debris into the air. It was nuts! It's hard to tell in the picture, but there was a ton of it. 

I met up with the Arkansas people, and we decided to go watch the game at a bar since there was going to be quite a long rain delay. 

Kendra, Brad, moi, Donnie, Beth, and Blake

Walking through Toomer's Corner. 

The game finally got underway, and Auburn won! Woo! We all went to eat at the Hound, and Donnie so nicely got everyone these sweet treats. 

We headed back to the lake afterwards, and hung out a bit before hitting the hay. 

Sometimes, I'm not sure why, I'll wake up at dusk at the lake and go outside to take pictures. 

Water like glass. 

Later everyone arose, we had some breakfast, then hit the water. Of course I had to show our new friends Chimney Rock. 

Colby and I did some doubles tubing tricks. 

Look who came to say hello!

I can't remember if I've introduced him on the blog or not, but this is Duckie! I gave him that creative name.. haha. He lives across the slough and if you stand out on the dock and quack, he'll come over! We feed him bread crumbs. I think he's domesticated, because he'll let you get super close to him. 

Ain't he cute? He'll make several appearances throughout football season. I have to stay at the lake now that Payne St. is rented out. Insert crybaby emoji. 

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