Wednesday, March 28, 2012

dragon me down

There is a pattern lurking out there, and it is DYING to be a part of my bedroom redesign. 

It's Schumacher's Chiang Mai Dragon. It comes in several different colors: aquamarine, lacquer, china blue, alabaster, and mocha. Aquamarine is my favorite.. and it looks awesome with the colors in my room. The problem is that it's around $150 PER YARD. WOOF. The price is dragon me down (HA! cheesy, i know!). I've found some pillows on Etsy that are about $40, so that could be an option. I wish I could purchase enough to do some of the following: 

Mmmmm big aquamarine pillow. LOVE.

A lovely headboard in Aquamarine. It really pops in this room.

This is the size pillow I could afford/be willing to pay for to put in my room. The problem is that the pattern on this fabric is so big that you don't see all the colors in this small of a pillow. Le sigh.

Ooo lala, what do we have here? Chiang Mai Dragon in Mocha on a luxurious settee. 

An ottoman in Alabaster. Me likey. 

Sneak attack wallpaper! Most of the color options (minus mocha) are available as wallpaper. I wish I could see this entire room, but from what I see so far, I would put in my house.

Apparently it comes as paper as well! Who wouldn't want to open an envelope and see this glorious pattern? 

Hm. Now this is the China Blue. Not my favorite, but I wanted to let everyone see it! It's just too muted for my taste.

Ooohhh a wingback chair in Alabaster. LOVE!!!!! 


Another not so favorite pattern, but I needed to introduce Lacquer. I think I could like it in small doses!

Now back to my love, Aquamarine. The light blue background matches my walls, the light greens match my curtains, the teals go with the bedside table, and the oranges go with the accent colors I'm using. Here's a comparison:


I made those small so you can see them on the same screen.. but damn the lack of natural light in my room! Otherwise you could see how vibrant the room actually looks and how amazeballs the Aquamarine pattern would look in here! It's not too girly, it's got a bunch of colors, and I'm obsessed. It also looks great with geometric patterns (like the chevron above). 

I haven't/probably won't ever purchase the Chiang Mai Dragon fabric to go in here, but I do believe I have found an alternative. I will be making something with it this weekend, so I will report back as soon as it's finished! 

Monday, March 26, 2012

a couple more painted mirrors

How many mirrors can one person paint? 

A bajillion, apparently (OK.. four so far). I painted a couple more this weekend! Two of these big boys.

I got them from Southeastern Salvage for only $40 each! THAT'S A DEAL, YALL! They always have really good prices on mirrors.

I taped newspaper over the front of both.

I had a little buddy outside watching me paint.

Here they are out in the ol' spray paint patch.

It was quite a lovely day outside! I can't believe we actually are having a spring this year! It usually jumps from 48 degrees to 97 within three days.

The trees in my yard look like they're holding hands. How schweet.

I feel like I don't even need to go over this anymore, BUT I did several light even coats of Krylon Champagne colored spray paint. 

My finger is going to permanently have this imprint. 

I wasn't going to show this view until the big bedroom reveal, but I just love it so much, I had to go on and show it! 

EEEE! These mirrors make the room look so much bigger! 

Pay no attention to the bedding. It's the underside of the seersucker comforter.. I'm still on the hunt for something that fits. Same thing goes for the rug. It use to reside in the dining room, and I put it in here for the pups to lay on.

Here are some of my thrifted items. I may paint the matting on the flower painting.. I haven't committed to a color yet.

I love the colors!

Mmhmm. $2 fancy shapped mirror, and $2 trivet. 

I need to polish it, but it clearly was made for me. H! 

She might not stay here, but I needed something else to make the doodads an odd number.

See why I wanted this specific shaped table? So you can see the entire length of the mirror! 

Ahhh I love it! Now I just need to find one more table to go on the other side of the bed! My old white one is over there with the mirror behind it, but it doesn't look near as good.. so I didn't take a picture of it.

Cotton ball is on a mission to find me one.. 

After her nap on the staircase.

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

i'm in love with a stripe wall

I painted stripes on my bedroom walls, y'all! I mentioned way back when I painted my room that there was a little "surprise" coming, and this was it! I decided stripes would be good in this room since it has the slanted walls and nothing can be hung on them. I figured stripes would be a good way to add some interest. 

Instead of drawing lines, taping them off, removing the tape, blah blah blah, I just decided to freehand the stripes. I used a level to draw the lines straight and marked them lightly with a pencil after I had painted the walls with high gloss paint.

I painted the stripes with flat paint, so they're the same color. 

I was sleeping on an ISLAND for a couple of weeks while I painted (my bed was pushed in the middle of the room). It was le mis, so I painted the back wall so I could push my bed back in place.  

This weekend I finished up the entire room! FINALLY! 

I moved this dresser from beside the bed to this awkward corner.

I'm not going to show you that side of the room yet, because there is another project I'm going to show tomorrow that's lurking over there.

TA DA! I lubs it! 

The stripes are very subtle. They're really noticeable when the light catches it in certain ways, which is why you can't see it on the bottom left and to the right of the armoire. Do you like my dinosaur TV? HA! 

The only thing I'm not thrilled with is that there is only one stripe along the slanted wall. I should've done 9 stripes instead of 7. Wah wahh. It's also wider because of the slant. Oh well! I still dig it.

There are still a couple of touch ups I need to make, but I was itchin' to get this on the bloggie! That and you would've seen it tomorrow on the weekend project reveal, so I needed to get it on here. 

Onto the giveaway winner! There were 10 comments on the fb page and one on the bloggie for 11 total, so I assigned 1-10 in order to everyone who commented on fb and 11 to the bloggie commenter. I plugged the numbers into, and number 3 won! 

Congrats Andrea! WOOP WOOP! Let me know which giveaway you would like! 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

bedside table and 100TH POST GIVEAWAY!


It's here! It's here! It's here! 


Let's have a look at the big bedside table project! Here she is, fresh off the streets of craigslist.

These lovely pulls were on the front..

with no way to get them off the back. What the french.

So I used a flat head screwdriver and a mallet to wedge the front of the drawer off. 

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

I just unscrewed the pulls and kept them in separate piles. Then I brought the little nugget out to the spray paint patch.

Rustoleum's Lagoon was the color of choice.

Do as I say: light even coats. 

Not as I do. How many times have I spray painted things?!?! A MILLION! I SHOULD KNOW BETTER BY NOW! 

Bubbles. Ugh.

I scraped the bubbles off, and continued with my light even coats. 

Here I am back in my paint clothes..

After several coats! 

This is how the whole thing should've looked..

After it dried overnight, I put the drawers back together. I was able to line up the nails with the existing holes that had been there after I pulled the front off.

See?! I just hammered it on with a mallet. It was quite easy.

TA DA!! Let's take her outside for some pics, eh? 

Do you see what I did wrong? Damn pulls. It was too late to turn them over because I didn't notice until after I had hammered the fronts back on there. 

I sprayed the back! This will be relevant later on in the bedroom makeover.

The insides are still wood. I might change that one day.

I can't wait to get it upstairs! 

She's gonna look so good! 

Onto the giveaway! I'm sure that's what you've all been waiting for!! 

I figure I'd change it up and giveaway one of these puppies:

They're 8x10", so you can frame 'em and slap 'em up in your house! If you're not an AU or UA fan (or you don't want a print), I'll send you a set of these puppies:

SO how to enter? 

Just like the "i like what i'm herring" facebook page, and comment on the 100th post status update! 

If you don't have facebook, or you'd like a second chance to win, comment directly on this bloggie post! Woop woop! 

I'll enter everyone's name into to choose the winner, and I'll notify whoever it is to see what giveaway they want! I'll close the contest on Friday at midnight, so get crackin'!  

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