Wednesday, March 28, 2012

dragon me down

There is a pattern lurking out there, and it is DYING to be a part of my bedroom redesign. 

It's Schumacher's Chiang Mai Dragon. It comes in several different colors: aquamarine, lacquer, china blue, alabaster, and mocha. Aquamarine is my favorite.. and it looks awesome with the colors in my room. The problem is that it's around $150 PER YARD. WOOF. The price is dragon me down (HA! cheesy, i know!). I've found some pillows on Etsy that are about $40, so that could be an option. I wish I could purchase enough to do some of the following: 

Mmmmm big aquamarine pillow. LOVE.

A lovely headboard in Aquamarine. It really pops in this room.

This is the size pillow I could afford/be willing to pay for to put in my room. The problem is that the pattern on this fabric is so big that you don't see all the colors in this small of a pillow. Le sigh.

Ooo lala, what do we have here? Chiang Mai Dragon in Mocha on a luxurious settee. 

An ottoman in Alabaster. Me likey. 

Sneak attack wallpaper! Most of the color options (minus mocha) are available as wallpaper. I wish I could see this entire room, but from what I see so far, I would put in my house.

Apparently it comes as paper as well! Who wouldn't want to open an envelope and see this glorious pattern? 

Hm. Now this is the China Blue. Not my favorite, but I wanted to let everyone see it! It's just too muted for my taste.

Ooohhh a wingback chair in Alabaster. LOVE!!!!! 


Another not so favorite pattern, but I needed to introduce Lacquer. I think I could like it in small doses!

Now back to my love, Aquamarine. The light blue background matches my walls, the light greens match my curtains, the teals go with the bedside table, and the oranges go with the accent colors I'm using. Here's a comparison:


I made those small so you can see them on the same screen.. but damn the lack of natural light in my room! Otherwise you could see how vibrant the room actually looks and how amazeballs the Aquamarine pattern would look in here! It's not too girly, it's got a bunch of colors, and I'm obsessed. It also looks great with geometric patterns (like the chevron above). 

I haven't/probably won't ever purchase the Chiang Mai Dragon fabric to go in here, but I do believe I have found an alternative. I will be making something with it this weekend, so I will report back as soon as it's finished! 

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