Monday, April 2, 2012

yet another mirror..

Can you believe it?! ANOTHER mirror?? This one has been in the works for months! I bought it on the big IKEA trip over New Year's in Atlanta.

Except it wasn't a mirror. It was actually just a frame.. they had it displayed as a mirror. TRICKSTERS! Above you can see it was wrapped in shrink wrap, so I wasn't able to tell if there was one in there or not. It was heavy enough to feel like there was, but NO. Ugh. Instead it was just a frame with a piece of glass.

A piece of glass that promptly broke in half when I was trying to remove it..

Oh well, I still brought the ol' frame outside to the spray paint patch! 

I had just gotten the fancy camera, so ol' Richard took some fancy action shots of the spraying..

and me cheering. Yep. You may thing I'm just cheesing for the camera here, but I cheer alllllll the tiiiiiime. 

Here is where I should've shown you a picture of it in the bathroom. I just painted the front, and with the layered mirrors up there, the black back was noticeable. It kind of looked nifty with just the frame. I considered leaving it since I didn't want to pay to get a mirror cut, BUT dear sweet dad came into town and saw my predicament. He took the cardboard cutout from the middle of the frame (that I had so smartly saved) and got a mirror cut for me! HOW NICE! I just picked it up a couple weeks ago, so I finally decided it was time to paint the back of the frame.

Back out to the spray paint patch. I was going to paint the back a different color, but with all the crevaces, there was no way I could prevent it from showing on the front. 

A couple of light even coats later, and she's back in the bathroom! 

I am NOT keeping that gold mirror in there. REPEAT: no gold mirror. 

I was testing the layout, and I most definitely do not like two ovals with a rectangle on the right. 

But I do love the white frame! 

I'm ready for the bathroom to be finished!!!

I worked on a big project over the weekend! I'm so excited to show it to everyone! 

I also had to make an unexpected trip to Auburn. My dear sweet sissy broke her ankle. And leg. The fibula broke in 2 places, the tibia in one, and multiple ankle bones. BLEAHOUFNSOUAWSSOA. Can you imagine your shin bone breaking in two places?!?! The previous outburst is a gagging noise, because that's what I do whenever I think about it! She was on a rope swing at the lake, let go too late, and landed on a rock. They said her foot was turned at a 90 degree angle.. BLEAHHEAOUDNOAUR!!! An ambulance had to meet them at the closest marina. She had surgery Saturday night. By the time I got there Sunday, she was on lots o' pain meds, but was feeling better. There were multiple pins coming out of her leg. EEK! She was able to get on crutches today, and it looks like she may leave the hospital tomorrow! Woo!


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