Tuesday, April 10, 2012

it's tea dye for!

So I was suppose to post this last week, but I got side tracked a bit. OOPS. I mentioned in the ottoman post that I tea dyed the shower curtain that I used for the top cushions. Here is the fabric beforehand:

The lighting isn't that great, but you can see it's bright white. It doesn't look as bad in these pictures, but in real life, it was too "new" for the look I was going for (with the dark painting and the old 7up sign that's on the other side of the room).

SO I decided to tea dye it. Here is a picture of her hanging up in all her glory. This is how she would've looked had she followed the path to shower curtaindom. 

Naturally to tea dye, you need tea. I read some tutorials before I started. I remember one said to use 40 tea bags, but I didn't want it to be super dark, so I just used one pack of about 24.

I used all of them! 

I used a big ol' pot for all of them. I let it boil about 15 minutes or so. I initially thought about putting part of the fabric directly into the pot (like cutting what I needed before dyeing it), but I ultimately decided to put it in the sink.

Have I ever shown you my sink? IT IS GLORIOUS. Huge farmhouse number. I'm in love. 

I filled it up with some water. I was a bit worried about diluting it, but again, I didn't want it to be too dark. 

I pulled the tea bags out of the boiling water..

then poured it into the sink.

I immediately slapped the shower curtain in there.

I felt like I was making soup. I poked it down into the tea with a fork. 

The house smelled amazing. It was like we were in sitting in a tea pot. Wasn't it Cotton?

After about 20 or so minutes, I flipped the fabric since parts of it wouldn't stay under water. 

It looked pretty nifty, eh? I let it sit for another 20 minutes or so, before I removed it from the sink.

I rung it out, and then threw it in the washing machine. I briefly thought about not washing  it, because it smelled so good.. 

The sink also got tea dyed. 

Here she is in all her tea dyed-ness! 

Here is a comparison for everyone! It doesn't look much different, but I think it looks much better next to the more antiquey-y pieces in the room.

It turned out just lovely! 

I can't wait to finish the room so I can do a great big room reveal! EEE! 

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