Wednesday, April 25, 2012

the original fish

I have had several people ask where the fish logo came from, and I just tell the same little story every time. I just KNOW yall are wondering too, so here it is!

I had a portfolio class at Auburn for my interior design major, and we had to brand ourselves. Like cattle.. 

Kidding! We had to have a cohesive design that carried through from our portfolio to our website to business cards to resume. NATURALLY I chose a fish. 

Herring like the fish. 

That's what I say whenever anyone asks my last name. I have to clarify because people tend to think I say Harry.. (awesome).

ANYHOW! My dad has a business, and the logo is a Herring fish. 

The picture is small, but you get the gist. Isn't he cute? I wanted to use something like that for my fish, but my teacher said it needed more movement.. so I did some research, and found some jumping fish, which prompted me to sketch out my little buddy:

Do you love him as much as I do?! He needed a lot of photoshopping to get where he is today! He wasn't that big when he was conceived.. 

Only as big as a key. I just scanned him in, and worked some Adobe Creative Suite magic. 

Here he is after! 

I use him allllllllll the tiiiiiiime, as I'm sure you noticed.

Interior Design portfolio cover: 

Biz-nass card:

Stationery card: 

And of course, the bloggie header:

He's always been red. Maybe I'll switch it up sometime soon.. 


  1. Don't change that color- I love little ol' Red Herring!

  2. i remember when you created your fishy! oh portfolio class memories. what did i have you ask? an ugly flower. needless to say mine didnt stick aroung :)