Tuesday, May 1, 2012

something old, something new!

I enjoy saying that like Mrs. Doubtfire.. 

I have been busy busy making stuff for the art show, so I haven't had any big house projects going on. I do have some new (and old but new to me) doodads up in the house, so without further ado: 

This badass tiger. Judge if you will, but I love him! He went through what I call the "thrift store table test". Many moons ago on one of my first Bham thrift store trips, I found the. most. glorious. dining room table and chairs. It had a thick (about 4") solid wood top with chrome X legs. AND cantilevered, orange velvet chairs (also with chrome legs). Only $70. I stood there looking at it. I had just moved to Birmingham, and was the recipient of a dining set my mother had found at an estate sale (see, these things are in my blood). I decided to think about it overnight. After coming home and looking at the table from the estate sale, I ultimately came to the conclusion that this thrift store table needed me to adopt it. I called the store to have them hold it for me.. and it was gone. 

(Dramatic pause.)

I still talk about that damn table to this day (obviously). I can't believe I let her slip through my fingers. ANYHOW all this to say: anytime I find something at a store, and I can't make up my mind about it, I think how I would feel if I came back and it was gone. 

Needless to say, my little tiger buddy passed the test. I haven't decided on a name for him yet. Not Tony. Not Aubie. Any suggestions out there? I forgot to take the tags off. I scooped him up from TJ Maxx from a couple weeks ago, so if you're lusting after him as well, you might still have a chance to find his twin. 

He's currently residing on the dresser in my room, because he looks so lovely with the 7up sign. 

Next up is this awesome thrift store chair!!!!!! 

The fabric was in really good condition (which is rare). This is a fancy lady. When you sit back in her, she almost hugs you with her curved back. 

The sun was in a weird spot, so the colors look different in every shot. She's a golden yellow color, and she reallllly brings out some of the rusty shades in the Coke sign. 

I was going to put her up in my room, but I feel like she might belong in here. I think I'm going to pull an ol' switcheroo with the TV stand, so she'll have better placement soon. 

Last but not least, I brought home this trencher dough bowl from our lake house. Most are from the 1800s, and this was my grandmother's, so I'm assuming it's legit. My dad had it sitting in a CLOSET, so I rescued her. 

Isn't it glorious? I researched them a bit, and they're made by hand from one piece of wood. 

I put her on the sideboard table. I like that it "connects" the two sides of doodads. I feel like I need something else in the middle now, so stay tuned.

I'll show you some of the art I've made in the next couple of days! If you want to stay on top of everything, go like the facebook page. I've been taking pictures as soon as I finish a piece and posting it on there! 

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