Tuesday, May 22, 2012

side porch before

So here's my side porch area. It's so dinky. The actual porch is about 5 ft wide and 9 ft long.

I clearly neglect this space. It's just so small that when I'm grilling while people are over, no one wants to hang out over here because there's not a lot of space nor is there a place to sit. I am going to fix that. The people who lived here before me left that propane grill towards the back there. Does anyone want it? There's no tank with it, and we all know charcoal is my grilling choice (as seen here with my awesome blue grill). 

There's also some sort of dog bed back there. I can't remember if it's from a past roommate, or if it was there when I moved in. This clearly isn't the space for it. The leaves need to go too.

This monstrosity is a grill that is built into the porch. It clearly has fallen over. It is huge. I can't decide if I want to "restore" it (aka sit it back upright) or if I want to remove it. It's actually a gas grill and has a line that runs into it from the post that holds it up. I won't ever use it.. but I feel like it's sort of a kitschy part of the house. Kitschy means tacky, btw.. but sometimes I like kitschy. Like the hunter green and aqua tile in the downstairs bathroom (I need to show yall that..) 

ANYHOW, thoughts?

I was clearly grilling out while taking these below pictures, and I made what I've been referring to as MEATAPALOOZA. Tons of chicken and four steaks. I'll have leftovers for DAYS (except for Wednesday, when the most important palooza event arrives. I do not want leftovers on my bday). 

Sunday afternoon I started clearing out the DUMB RIVER ROCKS. You know, like playground rocks..

Here is just a small sampling..

Below are the best before and after shots I took. My plan is to remove the railings on the deck, and lay brick pavers from the chain link fence to the deck. Then I'll be able to slap some furniture on the flat surface the pavers create. HOW LUXURIOUS! 

I removed all that grass to the left. It doesn't look like much, but I moved a lot of rocks as well. 

There's still a lot more to be done.

Oh what's that underneath there? BRICKS! 

And here are stepping stones with a random one turned at a diagonal.. weird. 

It's going to take some elbow grease to dig those puppies up. I'll be slowly working on it after work. I'm hoping to get it finished before the temp breaks into the triple digits.. And it is close to it down here in the south.. we're flirting with the upper 90s this week. 


 Another project of the weekend: I took my prints and put them in a frame to photograph for Etsy. Right now, the You Are Beautiful prints are the only ones posted, but I'm working on editing the rest! 

The pups modeled for a bit as well..

Six years old, and they still got it! 

I'll keep everyone posted on the porch progress. July 4th is the deadline I'm giving myself. Cross your fingers! 

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