Sunday, May 13, 2012

art show!

The show is over, and the monkey is dead! My granddad use to say that.. ha! 

First, would you like to see what my house look like before a "project"? 

It was like this allllllll last week.

This use to happen in college when I had projects due too. It just takes too much time to put stuff up just to turn around the next day and get it all back out!!!

Stop judging me. 

Pay no attention to the taco bell hats above.. they were from Cinco De Mayo haha! 

Are you tired of looking at my mess? Rest assured it's cleaned up now. 

For the most part.. 

Onto the art show! 

I was given a table, so I just loaded it up with all my stuff! 

String art was on the left,

stationery and the knotty & nice string art was in the middle

and the prints were to the right. 

I put the barnwood bamas in the windows with a stack of them to the left. 

There were about a dozen other artist there as well (I just felt a bit weird going to all their booths snapping pics, soooo you'll just have to look at mine). I had pretty good feedback! Everyone really liked the stationery cards, string art, and barnwood bamas. One of my downfalls was not having a way to accept credit cards, so I'm going to take care of this week. I met a lot of good contacts, so I'll be following up with them this week as well. I will keep everyone posted as things unfold! 

I almost forgot to mention...

Do you know whose birthday was on Friday??

Happy Birthday, Cammie Cam! 

And most important of all... 


My mom is my biggest cheerleader, by far! She came in town on Wednesday to help me with the art show, and I honestly couldn't have done it without her. 


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