Thursday, May 31, 2012

bedside table, the second.

Are you ready for the beside table goodness to be brought?! 

Kidding. This will probably look like deja vu to most due to bedside table the first that was completed several weeks ago. But unlike his predecessor, the second has a bit of fancy in his pants. 

Note that he has the curved legs like I was looking for, however he has little man syndrome, aka he's short. He's actually a bit shorter than I wanted, but I am DYING to get the bedroom makeover complete! I figure if I happen across another that would look better, I can sell this one. 

Obviously he has a shelf instead of a second drawer, which is fine by me. That's part of his fanciness! 

I was not thrilled with the cord hole in the back. It's just a flimsy piece of chip board. 

Bedside table the second got his fancy on first! 

Everyone please take a stretch break to view this photo. I seemed to have been in edit mode, and just slapped the tag on there without turning it.. 

I had these two paint colors leftover from different projects. They are so similar, I figured if I ran out of one, it would be hard to tell if I started using the other. 

I took off the drawer hardware and brought him outside. He is HEAVY, btw. 

Then I sprayed the shelf! It was quite funny. It was like blowing off something dusty; it just came right back into my face. That spray paint has a bit of a shimmer, so I got a complimentary body glow from it. 

After it dried, I lined the edge with painter's tape. 

Then I taped newspaper around the edges.

Everyone together now: light even coats! I used the same color as the last bedside table.

All done! I removed the tape and newspaper, and brought him back inside. 


PS: I just realized the drawer is crooked in these pictures. OOPS! I stuck it in there wrong so it's not a furniture flaw, it's a Rachel flaw. 

Just look at him with his two colors! Mr. Fancy Pants, indeed! 

I let him sit in the den to dry overnight. Whenever you paint something, you should let it sit overnight to cure before you start sitting things on it (even if it's dry to the touch). There is a chance that it could leave an imprint, which is why these pictures are taken in the den. Welllll, let's be honest, you KNOW I haven't walked it upstairs yet. 

Also, MY RUG ARRIVED TODAY! Woo! It's still rolled up, but I'm hoping to get it in position tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed that I can make it happen. Can you believe it arrived in a day in a half?!? I think I ordered it around 10pm Monday night, and it was here by lunch. CRAZY!


  1. Oooh I like the bronze/blue combo, so pretty! Now following you :) Tanya

  2. I like it! And I really like the wall behind the table.