Friday, May 18, 2012

love loud

I made a new poster. Sometimes I am just sitting here, reading a magazine, watching tv, and an idea pops in my head, and I have to create whatever I'm thinking right that second. This "Love Loud" just popped in my head.

I don't really know how I thought this up... I really like layering semi-transparent words, so I just picked Love Loud. Not for some romantical mushiness..

but mainly because it looks good in a square. Aka, the letters are all about the same width.

I made the square one first, then made the vertical.

Le sigh. Are you ready to see more house projects on the bloggie? I KNOW I AM! This is how I feel with house projects, art projects, stationery orders, the 9-5 job, and life: 

I've clearly dropped the ball when it comes to house projects. I usually like to show a full complete project in a post, but the one I have coming up is going to take a couple weeks to finish, so I'll probably break it up into a couple of entries. 

I'm going to redo my side porch area (it's where the grills are outside). Right now the actual porch is TINY. Like 5'x9'. So I'm going to open it up! I'll take some before pictures for everyone this weekend! 

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