Wednesday, May 30, 2012

lake time!

I hope everyone had a lovely long Memorial Day weekend! I went to the lake for some fun and too much sun. Let's have some pics, shall we? I brought my nice camera, and wouldn't ya know, I didn't pull it out until the last day. I did take some on my phone, so those are sprinkled in as well.

Here's my sweet baby Cottonball on the porch. She looooves to swim, but with her new haircut, she gets sunburned easily, so she hung out in the shade.

Little Moe with the gimpy leg (name that movie) rolled around and crutched herself through the weekend.

Awww poor Possum stuck outside!

This is where I spent most of the weekend..

What I failed to take a picture of was the awesome unicorn sticker that's on her cast. 

Part of the weekend crew. 

The island! Bum bum bummmmm! 

The lakehouse from the dock. I've shown the outside of the lakehouse, but have I shown you the inside? 

This is dad's domain, so he has decorated pretty much the entire thing. Can you tell?! I'm obsessed with the canoes. It looks a bit jumbled from this angle, but it's more sectioned when you're in there.

I didn't notice how blurry this was when I took it, but I wanted everyone to take note of the Coke machine in the bottom right. TWINS! Well I don't technically have a machine.. but whatevs. 

Mom and Neanie were at the lake as well, and so you'll notice them photobombing a few of these shots. 

I love the old pulley with the wooden ducks in them hanging there in the back middle. Also note the giant glass bottle with the coinage under it. I need to get dad to donate that to me. 

Here's the open kitchen. I am dying to get dad to let me help him redo it. I love the white cabinets and Corian countertops, but the sunflower wallpaper has got to go. I also think a backsplash along the back wall above the sink would look lovely.

I didn't take pictures of my room. I need to show it to everyone because it was first room fully done by myself. My mom basically gave me full reign from the furniture, to the wall color, to the bedding. Ahh, wouldn't you love to see what a sixth grade Rachel came up with?! I'll be making several trips this summer, so I'll be sure to get some for the bloggie.

There are gonna be some good house updates this week! I ordered a rug off Overstock last night for my room. They were 15% off for a Memorial Day sale, so I was able to get an 8x10' for a pretty good deal. Overstock is great about shipping super fast, so I'm hoping it will get in before the end of the week. If you're following the bloggie on facebook, you saw the newest furniture purchase! I painted it today, so I'll show that tomorrow. Once I get all the new goodies placed upstairs, I'll be able to do a full bedroom reveal! 


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