Tuesday, May 15, 2012

funny stationery & a special bday!

First off, did you know the proper way to spell stationery in regards to paper is with an -ery and not stationary? 

I feel like some people see it typed and think it's misspelled. 

The more you knooooow! 

I've posted some of the stationery cards on here before, but now I've created a full set of ten. You saw them all nicely boxed at the art show, and now I've created an Etsy listing for them for easy ordering! 

Here they all are:

I found some baker's twine online to tie them up all so nicely! 

I take these pictures in front of the front door, btw.. 

Sometimes I have a nosey nelly come check on my work.. 

Speaking of my nosey nellies..


They are 6 in human years, which makes them 42 in dog years. They got many treaties in honor of their big day.

Did you know they are brother and sister? I'm sure I've mentioned it before on the blog. Most people don't believe it because they are opposite in every way. Cotton is a lady, white, and fluffy. Diesel is a boy, black, and short hair. My schweet babies..

Are you ready for some puppy pics? 

I wish these were in a slideshow with sappy music playing..

I had Dixie since she was a puppy, and she was going to come to Auburn with me, but she was miserable without her puppy friends that were still in Dothan. So mom took her back home.. where she got knocked up.

We actually had TWO dogs get prego at the same time, so we had TEN puppies within two days. Did you know a litter of puppies can have more than one dad? That explains why Dixie's pups all look different: 2 white, 1 black, 1 black and brown, and 1 brown.


There's Cotton, Diesel, and their sister Biscuit. 

I'm holding little D and Biscuit here. I knew I wanted one of the white ones, and I ended up taking little Cottonball. 

We had tons of fun at Auburn!


There aren't many of us posing together, because this is what Cotton likes to do..


 Happy Birthday, my little nuggets!!!!

A lot of people write bloggies as scrapbooks for their children, but since Cotton and Diesel can't read, I suppose I just show these puppy pics for myself.. You will all just have to deal with me being a crazy dog lady!!

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