Monday, May 14, 2012

new prints & my brand!

Prints prints prints! 

I shared some of these on facebook as I made them, but some I created the day of the art show. 

This one is by far my favorite. The words are from the song "Home" by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. They are one of my favvvvorites! I found this frame at a thrift store, and spray painted it (duh). I need to buy stock in spray paint.. Neon is big nowadays, and I really dig this chartreuse color (I believe it's Rustoleum's Key Lime color). I'm going to have to make several more things with this shade because I love the way it POPS. 

I found these two frames at the thrift store as well, but I left them alone. Well that's a lie, I sprayed the mats (I believe they were a heinous burgundy color). 

Here's a close up of the Love print. You can read it as "all you need is love" or "love is all you need". Aww, thanks for that, Beatles! 

PS: That line is NOT suppose to be on there.. I was using it to crop the image, and I didn't take it off before I saved it.. 

I posted this saying on facebook with an actual picture of beer, because let's be honest, I'm usually having a couple while I'm working on projects. Somehow they tend to sneak into the corners of pictures.. whoops! 
I also included these prints that have been featured on the bloggie before: 

The Avett Brothers print: 
 And of course, I included the You Are Beautiful prints.

Do you see them all sprinkled around below? 

I'm working on getting these on Etsy for you fine people to order! They're only ten dolla! Holla! 

OK, I have something SERIOUS to bring up. I am having an identity crisis.


my brand.


(Please tell me you thought of this commercial where she says: look, look with your special eyes..)

ANYHOW, back to the issue. 

For those who don't know, I made a little business for my graphic design stuff (invitations, stationery, etc.) and named it Fish + Line Design. Fish for my last name Herring, and line like the drawing element.. well clearly now I'm expanding into more artsy things with the string art and the barnwood creations. And of course furniture that you've seen here on the bloggie (which I'm hoping to start making for other people). Since I've started taking this show on the road (with the art show and whatnot), I feel like Fish + Line Design doesn't encompass everything. 

SOOOO, I need help with a new name. The LLC I created is under the name Rachel Herring Designs (I've just been DBA Fish + Line Design), which I'm seriously considering, but..

it's boring. 

I want something funny, like I like what I'm Herring! If my biz-nass had anything to do with sound, I would name it after the bloggie. But it doesn't. 

I only have one requirement, and it's that the word fish or Herring be in the name so I can use my signature fish logo. 



I'm serious about this y'all. Leave a comment, post on fb, gchat, text, call me, beep me. Smoke signals. Carrier pigeon. Let me know your ideas! 


  1. Hey Rachel! I love your blog... whenever you see someone from mobile, al who checks it EVERY time you post something new its probably me :) I don't have a name suggestion for you :( But just wanted you to know that I LOVE all of your stuff! And your blog always makes me laugh and REALLY REALLY REALLY makes me miss INDS classes and being with all of our silly friends. I almost died laughing at your comment about "look look with your special eyes... my brand" haha! I always thought that commercial was hilariously stupid!

    Anyway I will be thinking about ideas for a new brand name and Ill let you know if I think of anything!

    Love, Jenn McAleer Martin

    1. Jenn!! I'm so glad you read the ol' bloggie! I read yours as well. Your little nugget is so cute! I desperately miss our INDS nights, especially when I'm spralled out with all my project stuff alone in the den.. definitely not as fun as being with everyone blaring music in the basement of spidle. BUT I guess it isn't as stressful haha! I hope all is well, and keep me posted if you think of a brand name!