Friday, October 29, 2010





Best week ever! If you watched the game, you would have seen we are not just a one man team. . McCaleb, Dyar, Fannin, Zachary, ALL OVER THE BALL. And Nick Fairley seemed to carry the defense. It was beautiful. Cam Newton pretty much solidified a number one spot for the Heisman. I reallllllly hope we can continue this way. Ole Miss is up tomorrow. I am a bit nervous.. but I have been nervous before pretty much every game, SO maybe that's a good thing. There is a three week streak of the number one team losing, so there's that to be nervous about. SO STRESSFUL!! 

Here is a nifty video comparing the LSU game from a few years ago to the one this year:

And here are some highlights! 

Here is my celebratory photo at Toomer's corner!

And my congratulatory dip cone from Dairy Queen when the BCS rankings came out on Sunday night!


2. I carved a pumpkin! Note to everyone: don't carve a pumpkin 3 weeks before Halloween. It will rot. And then it when you try to throw it away, it will fall apart. And then pumpkin juice will get on your cute shirt that has to be dry cleaned. 

Nevertheless, here he is! 

It's Jack, the pumpkin king from The Nightmare Before Christmas! He had already begun to rot, so he looks like he had taken his dentures out.. but you can imagine what he looked like in his prime!

3. THE CABINETS WERE INSTALLED, YALL! They haven't been painted, but here they are! 

They just sat the old countertop on top of the new ones. The new countertops should be put in next week! I can't wait! It wasn't too much to be added, as you can see. If you look at the old picture, they basically took out the lower desk area and raised it up. We desperately need the counter space! I'M SO EXCITED! 

Sunday, October 17, 2010


I just got back from a fantabulous weekend in Auburn!!!! 7-0 baby! 

I picked up these sweet glasses...

I got to watch the big win.....

65-43!!!! woop woop! (a little fuzzy, but i was going nuts)

It was the highest scoring game in SEC history that didn't go into overtime. TAKE THAT! It also looks like Cam Newton is in line for the Heisman. YAY!! 

I also hit up Toomer's corner! 

so pretty! 

I love Auburn! I can't wait for LSU next weekend.. we're both undefeated. EEK! Hopefully we can pull it through! 

New house developments:

I have gotten an itch to redo the dining room. I don't really like the table we have, it's too big and chunky.. not really my style.. So I'm going to sell it.. anyone looking for a dining room table with 6 chairs? This is more what I'm going for:

Wooden top and metal legs. HOW CHIC! 

Maybe some modern chairs? I don't need the table to be so long, though. The dining room is semi-small, so I'm thinking a smaller table, and then I can put a console table underneath the big mirror for some storage. I already got in two chairs that will go on either side of this future table...


I got two of them, at quite the bargain mind you. I have been wanting some of these for YEARS. They are usually quite pricey, but these came from (which I recommend everyone sign up for) so they were uber cheap. Good deals on everything from clothes, to jewelry, to awesome furniture. The deals only last about a week, but there are new ones going up all the time. 

Besides a new table, I also want a new chandelier. This is what I have been looking for:

i love it!!! 

BUT... it's like $640. yuck. But thanks to the internet, I found this amazingness...

DO-IT-YOURSELF CHANDELIER!!!!!! This is going to be my new project. I have started gathering the materials, so I will be sure to document the experience for all to see! I can't wait for it to be done!!! 

Another new addition to the family:

the Eames rocking chair!! 

I LOVE IT! He's so cute!! He came from He was going to go on my Christmas list, but it was overstock-tober, so the shipping was free.. I was too excited to wait! He is currently residing in my room. Looks good with the white furniture. Stay tuned for updates on the dining room.. and for the cabinets and countertops in the kitchen to get finished.. woo! 

Monday, October 11, 2010

Say Hello to my Little Friends!

Hey hey hey, 


WE WON! 6-0! woop woop! 

and i'm not naming names, but someone dropped from the number one spot..

just sayin'. 

I'm nervous for this weekend, when we play Arkansas. As of right now, Auburn is picked to win by 2.5 points. TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT! AND it's an afternoon game, which we haven't had this season yet. Hopefully we will pull it off.. it is in Jordan Hare, so that's a bonus. 

Onto other topics (i don't want to jinx anything..)

Before we had the great house debacle, I had an air conditioning problem upstairs. The problem? There was none. I bet it got up into the 100s up there. I slept in the den a couple times. Fans didn't work (who wants hot air blown on them?), so we looked into getting a separate a/c unit for the upstairs. While we waited, I decided something had to be done immediately, so I got a freestanding unit to sit in my room. It was delivered within a couple of days (amazing!). I had some assistance getting upstairs, and I got it out of the box. WELL of course, there was an exhaust hose. This hose was about 6 inches in diameter. It has to go to the outside. The only way outside? Out the window. My windows are really old, and have a crank pump (right term?) to open them. So no way am I going to bust out a pane to let the hose out. Instead I just cracked the window and shoved the hose out it. Seeing as it is only 6 inches wide, there was a good 3 ft x 6 in opening leading directly into my room. So, SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIENDS!!! 


It was HUGE and was there for SEVERAL hours. If you keep up with me on fb, you've probably seen this. If not, enjoy the hilariousness that happened while we tried to get rid of this thing.


The next night, that beast came back. AND HE COULD FLY!!! I had a mild panic attack. I threw at least 3 shoes at him. I had to have a pep talk on the phone while I mustered up the courage to squash him. He stayed under my shoe until I had a boy come to remove him.

Besides gigantic unidentifiable bugs, i had a BAJILLION moths. I mean, when I walked in the  room, if I had left the light on, it was like I was in a butterfly museum.. except it was moths.. flying in circles around the light on the ceiling fan. I vacuumed bugs up just about everyday. Beetles. Ladybugs. Grasshoppers. Thanks GOODNESS there were no R-words. And by R-word, I mean something that rhymes with poach. WOOF.

One day I came in, and I had a tshirt on my window sill. I grabbed it to throw in the laundry.. but to my horror, when I picked it up, there were SIX STINKBUGS UNDERNEATH IT!!!! SIX!!!!!!!!!!!! All just hanging out under there. I jumped back, and grabbed my tshirt and threw it out the window. Sadly, some of them fell back into my room. Those little stinkers are sneaky. They hid in crazy places. I found them in random spots for days. On the side of my dresser. Under my comforter. On the iron. In my underwear drawer..

Here is the one on my dresser.. 

The day after I found them, I read this article:


I vacuum them up immediately after I find them. Thank goodness the weather is cooling off. I have now shut the window, so I won't be seeing them until the spring. 

bye bye buggies!