Sunday, October 17, 2010


I just got back from a fantabulous weekend in Auburn!!!! 7-0 baby! 

I picked up these sweet glasses...

I got to watch the big win.....

65-43!!!! woop woop! (a little fuzzy, but i was going nuts)

It was the highest scoring game in SEC history that didn't go into overtime. TAKE THAT! It also looks like Cam Newton is in line for the Heisman. YAY!! 

I also hit up Toomer's corner! 

so pretty! 

I love Auburn! I can't wait for LSU next weekend.. we're both undefeated. EEK! Hopefully we can pull it through! 

New house developments:

I have gotten an itch to redo the dining room. I don't really like the table we have, it's too big and chunky.. not really my style.. So I'm going to sell it.. anyone looking for a dining room table with 6 chairs? This is more what I'm going for:

Wooden top and metal legs. HOW CHIC! 

Maybe some modern chairs? I don't need the table to be so long, though. The dining room is semi-small, so I'm thinking a smaller table, and then I can put a console table underneath the big mirror for some storage. I already got in two chairs that will go on either side of this future table...


I got two of them, at quite the bargain mind you. I have been wanting some of these for YEARS. They are usually quite pricey, but these came from (which I recommend everyone sign up for) so they were uber cheap. Good deals on everything from clothes, to jewelry, to awesome furniture. The deals only last about a week, but there are new ones going up all the time. 

Besides a new table, I also want a new chandelier. This is what I have been looking for:

i love it!!! 

BUT... it's like $640. yuck. But thanks to the internet, I found this amazingness...

DO-IT-YOURSELF CHANDELIER!!!!!! This is going to be my new project. I have started gathering the materials, so I will be sure to document the experience for all to see! I can't wait for it to be done!!! 

Another new addition to the family:

the Eames rocking chair!! 

I LOVE IT! He's so cute!! He came from He was going to go on my Christmas list, but it was overstock-tober, so the shipping was free.. I was too excited to wait! He is currently residing in my room. Looks good with the white furniture. Stay tuned for updates on the dining room.. and for the cabinets and countertops in the kitchen to get finished.. woo! 

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