Friday, October 29, 2010





Best week ever! If you watched the game, you would have seen we are not just a one man team. . McCaleb, Dyar, Fannin, Zachary, ALL OVER THE BALL. And Nick Fairley seemed to carry the defense. It was beautiful. Cam Newton pretty much solidified a number one spot for the Heisman. I reallllllly hope we can continue this way. Ole Miss is up tomorrow. I am a bit nervous.. but I have been nervous before pretty much every game, SO maybe that's a good thing. There is a three week streak of the number one team losing, so there's that to be nervous about. SO STRESSFUL!! 

Here is a nifty video comparing the LSU game from a few years ago to the one this year:

And here are some highlights! 

Here is my celebratory photo at Toomer's corner!

And my congratulatory dip cone from Dairy Queen when the BCS rankings came out on Sunday night!


2. I carved a pumpkin! Note to everyone: don't carve a pumpkin 3 weeks before Halloween. It will rot. And then it when you try to throw it away, it will fall apart. And then pumpkin juice will get on your cute shirt that has to be dry cleaned. 

Nevertheless, here he is! 

It's Jack, the pumpkin king from The Nightmare Before Christmas! He had already begun to rot, so he looks like he had taken his dentures out.. but you can imagine what he looked like in his prime!

3. THE CABINETS WERE INSTALLED, YALL! They haven't been painted, but here they are! 

They just sat the old countertop on top of the new ones. The new countertops should be put in next week! I can't wait! It wasn't too much to be added, as you can see. If you look at the old picture, they basically took out the lower desk area and raised it up. We desperately need the counter space! I'M SO EXCITED! 

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