Wednesday, May 23, 2012

retro for the porch, yo

After seeing my latest project yesterday, I'm sure you were dying to see how I was going to spruce it up with furniture! HA! 

I am in love with old retro outdoor furniture. IN LOVE, I TELL YOU! 

I think it's because of their bright colors (we all know I'm obsessed). They go with the style on the inside of the house, too. These pieces below look like the giant red star in the living room.

This green puppy would look lovely with the giant Coke sign (and Double Cola thermometer). 

Most of these retro pieces are gliders! How fun! 

Ooooo a gameday glider! IT NEEDS TO BE ON MY PORCH!

This sunshine yellow set is lovely as well.


The ones above are nice, but I may have found the. best. one. ever.


AND you can order this baby right here

I've seen some of these around antique malls in town, so I'll have to start shopping around. 

In other news..

it's officially RACHELPALOOZA! 

The time stamp on this post will say it's not (because for some reason it marks it 3 hours before the actual time, even though it's set on central), but it's now 12:27am! 

My friends and I have a tradition of calling each other at midnight, and I'm happy to report we're still keeping it going! I got three calls in a row! I feel like that's a lot considering most peeps aren't night owls like myself..


Birthdays are my favorite!

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