Wednesday, May 2, 2012

knotty & nice

I'm back with another string art project! This time it's not state related (although there are more of those coming up). 

It's knotty & nice! 

Do you get it?? Because my sister didn't.. Knotty like knotty pine! HILARIOUS! 

I built the entire thing, frame included. The pine strips were from that free wood I got at work. I had to buy the wood to make the frame, for an awesome $0.85 per 8 ft strip! 

I didn't take pictures of the process (shame on me), but I cut and sanded the 4 pieces of the frame and spray painted them before I nailed them together. 

I still need to putty the corners and touch up with paint.

 Here's a picture to show scale. It's pretty big.. about 26" wide

Unlike the state string art, I didn't put the nails super close together. 

I dig it. 

Wood you like one of these babies?! HAHA! 

This one will be for sale at the art show! 

May 11th.

Avondale Brewery.

Be there.

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