Tuesday, May 1, 2012

may day! may day!


It's officially May, yall! If you've been around me long enough, you know that this is my birthday month. We are 22 short days away from the 27th edition of Rachelpalooza! A HOLIDAY IN ITSELF! (May 23rd in case you want to mark your calender).

I'll visit one of the past celebrations at the end of this post, but first let's have a look at one of the art projects I worked on this weekend:


I got better as I went along. Aka, I figured out how to wrangle the jig saw on the GLASS table that I've been using..

Thank goodness I have something to work on, but sheesh! A glass top table! It's not attached, so sometimes it shakes along with the jigsaw. It's quite a workout to hold the table and wood while I'm sawing. I usually lay across the top of it.

Do you like my workspace? HA! I'm trying to think of something to do with the scrap pieces...

I have asked for a Home Depot card for my birthday so I can go on a home project shopping spree (is that lame??). Perhaps I'll get something to make a proper work table. 

This is my favorite one so far. Is it bad that I want to keep it? 

This wood had been painted green, and I love the way it has weathered. 

Oh, what is that lurking in the bottom corner? I posted a picture of it on the facebook page, but I'll go into more detail here soon.


Let's have a look back to the ol' 21st bday, shall we? 

I was in school at Auburn. My birthday always fell at the beginning of summer semester. Luckily a bunch of my friends stayed for classes as well! A group of us went to the gas station so that I could buy beer at midnight. The gas station man didn't even card me!!!! So we went to another one.. ha! 

My ma brought this cake from Rolen's bakery in Dothan. It is the best cake around.. 

and I know cake. 

She also brought the new pup pups! Cotton and Diesel also share a May birthday with me. They were born on May 15th, so they were only 8 days old here. Their little eyes weren't even open yet! 

Does Dixie look like Diesel, or what?! Well, minus the ears.. 

Holding all the pup pups! 

A lot of times my birthday involves being around water, like the beach, lake, river, etc. This fishbowl was the water for my 21st. 

I was super sad when it was gone. 

AAHHHH memories!! 

I'll try to drudge up some more fun bday moments throughout the month. 

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