Friday, June 1, 2012

ramble on

Now's the time, the time is now! 

It's rambling time, yall. I didn't get the rug or the bedside table upstairs.. DON'T HATE ME! Diesel is already giving me the stink eye for everyone who's not pleased out there.  

I did however clean my room, so it's ready for them. EEE! 

I finished the ginormous book I had been reading. 

It's Under the Dome by Stephen King, and it is a big ol' boy with 1074 pages. It was really good, and then it took a strange turn towards the end. Overall, I liked it a lot. Has anyone else read it? I tend to finish books, and then want to discuss them, soooo anyone? Bueller? 

And I don't mean discuss in a philosophical English class kinda way, more of a "wasn't it weird when this happened?!?" and "i can't believe that guy died that way" and "these vampire books are dumb" (that's not a reference to this book, btw). 

I've read all the series book that have been real popular lately: Harry Potter, Twilight, Hunger Games, & Dragon Tattoo, and I must say Harry Potter is still my favorite (then Dragon Tat, HG, and Twilight.. I tend to not like super girly books). 

I also like Southern books. Carl Hiassen has some good ones: Nature Girl and Skinny Dip. Gods in Alabama is good too. One of my top favorites is The Time Traveler's wife, although it's not Southern. My most favorite book is Where the Wild Fern Grows. I read it in fifth grade, and then I reread it when I was in college. Ahhhhh tearjerker (especially if you have 2 pup pups), but so good.

Man, I took a turn to library town! Anyone have any recommendations, because I am ready to start another!

I have moved north in my artwork! My dear sweet friend got me to do a Tennessee string art to give as a gift. The heart is around Sewanee where they went to school.

It was nice switching it up! 

Tomorrow night I'm going to Brewfest here in town. It's an awesome event where you pay around $30, then you get a glass when you walk in the door, and you basically go nuts! There are tons of booths serving beer, and there are also delicious food trucks there as well. DISNEY WORLD FOR ADULTS! 

The rest of the weekend, I'll be getting my room in order.. and hopefully working on the side porch some more.


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