Sunday, June 24, 2012

bathroom prequel

I know you're probably expecting a big awesome side porch reveal. I told everyone I was laying the pavers this weekend, and there was a huge snafu at the store when I went to go pick them up.


Here's the story if you'd like to read it (warning, it's kind of long): I bought the pavers on Wednesday, and I only bought 6 layers. Each layer equalled more than 11 square feet, and it was only $9.99 a layer. What a deal right?! They told me I'd have to come back with a truck because they wouldn't be able to use a forklift to get it into my tahoe. 

Well I had told them the wrong amount, so when I went back Friday with a truck, I added more layers to my order. Of course it was close to closing time, but I thought they'd just be able to forklift it into the back of the truck with no problem. I'm out in the brickyard with the guy loading it by hand, and he said: 11 layers of brick, with 3 bricks per layer, you'll be getting 33 bricks. UHHH, no. I explained that the sign said a layer equalled more than 11 sq. ft., and he said "that's not what they told me". I asked if I could speak to a manager, because I didn't pay $9.99 for just three bricks. So I giddyup back inside to talk to the manager. He comes out and I explain to him what the guy outside says, so he walks back outside with me. I show him the sign that says layer equals more than 11 sq ft which turns out to be 48 bricks a layer. 

By then, it's 7pm which is closing time. I asked if we could just forklift it into the bed of truck, and he tells me that it was too heavy for the truck to carry. GRRR. So I tell him I'll be back in the AM. Richard goes with me so we can load some by hand into the tahoe, and then load the rest by forklift into the back of the truck. 

Well when we got there on Saturday, there were A MILLION PEOPLE there. I get in line at the checkout to let them know I'm here to pick up my order. Well they call my name over the loudspeaker to have someone meet me in the brickyard. Right then, the manager swoops in and tells me they OVERSOLD the pavers, and they didn't have my whole order. WTF! I asked if they would get anymore in. "Ummm noooo, probably not. Do you want part of the order?" NO, I can't have a patio with 2 different kinds of brick! I GUESS I'LL JUST RETURN EVERYTHING. By this time, there are about 12 people behind me in line, and of course I can't find my receipt for the second half of the order.. I could feel the lady behind me shoot lasers from her eyes into my head. It ended up being in the truck, and we finally got everything settled. And by settled, I mean they were finished messing up my weekend of patio building. 

I seriously came home and pouted. That was my entire weekend project. I didn't know what to do with myself. It was le mis. I ended up taking a long nap on accident, which put me in an even worse pouty mood. I'm still irritated just thinking about it. 

Today, I got off my heinie and finished up my bathroom! I'll do the full reveal tomorrow, but here's some project stuff that's in there!

After not being able to find pulls at the right width, I decided to paint the existing ones. It seems like a simple solution, but I didn't want it to be a flat color without some sheen (and metallic acrylic paint wasn't going to cut it). Once I painted the pony bookends with Liquid Leaf, I knew I would love the finish on the pulls as well. 

Here they are before. The brass was a bit tarnished, and the weird tortoise shell squares weren't going to go with the design.

After the Liquid Leaf. How shiny! 

Then I painted a chevron pattern on them with some white paint. 

I DIG EM! I did a tiny reveal on Instagram of them on the vanity, but tomorrow I'll do a big giant before and after of the bathroom.

I told y'all last weekend I bought a bunch of stuff to style the bathroom, and then decided to go in another direction. Here is my inspiration photo:

Sorry it's so tiny.. I really liked the mostly white, with some red, gold, black, and little bits of green and blue. I found another picture I liked as well:

Mmmhhhmmmm. Love it. And I usually don't like to decorate with black. In fact, the only black decor I have are the picture frames holding the Hatch Show Prints up the staircase, and the frames holding the records in the dining room.

To bring some red into the space, I made this: 

And today I printed it out and hung it on the wall. Do you recognize the quote?

It's what Lil' Wayne says on the Mountain Dew commercials. HA! It always gets me pumped up, so I will gladly look at it everyday!

Get ready for the big reveal tomorrow! EEE! 

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