Friday, June 15, 2012

patio goodness

Ello! A couple weeks ago, I talked about loving retro patio furniture, and how I was going to use it on the side porch once I got it cleared out (and brick down). 

Now I'm back with a big ol' mood board for all the elements I want to include! 


Since I already have the blue weber grill, I decided to base colors around that. It's no surprise I decided on greens and blues! Most of the things above are DIY projects. I can't wait to tackle them! 

The wine bottle lanterns will be pretty easy with some parts from Home Depot. I'll have to mount them on posts since there is a chain link fence in the yard, instead of a wooden one. The vertical garden may be a bit of a challenge. I haven't really tested my green thumb, so we shall see! I think I'm most excited about the rain gutter coffee table! All the tutorials I've found show it on a picnic table, so I'll just have to modify the dimensions for it. I'm thinking a darker wooden top with some hairpin metal legs. 

This board has motivated me to finish up the porch asap! 

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