Thursday, June 28, 2012

hey, you succulents!

Terribly sorry I'm a day late on this! My ma came to town, I took a half day at work, and we went thrift store diving and house stuff shoppin! WOO! I'll have to show you my spoils in a future post! 

Onto the succulents! I have seen these little plants all over the blogosphere. They are supposedly easy to take care of, but let us not forget that I killed a bamboo stalk (and all those suckers need is water). I picked these up from Home Depot. I got a couple of actual cactuses too.

I knew the space in the bathroom in the corner needed some color. Instead of trying to find different planters to compliment each other, I decided to get glass containers and fill them with colored aquarium gravel. I knew I wanted red, but I grabbed some blue and white as well. I wish they would've had black too so I could've done some sweet stripe action, but oh well. This was from Wal-Mart, by the way. I couldn't believe they had a good selection of gravel, I was sure I was going to have to go to a pet store! Fish supplies, ftw, Wally World! 

In order to prevent them from looking too patriotic, I only used a little bit of blue to compliment the dark blue vase in the bathroom. I added just a couple of inches to the bottom of the longest vaOH MY WORD THE VASE CRACKED!

Word to the wise: If you purchase a vase, do not leave it in your car overnight then all day the next day when the temperature is 97 degrees and rises to probably 127 inside your car then proceed to bring it inside and immediately pour rocks into it. 
(how's that for a wordy sentence?!)

This was the first vase I filled, so I put the others in the freezer for a few minutes to cool them off. HA! It looks like this only cracked on the inside, but it actually went through the whole thing and split in two. I carefully slid it off the table and carried it like a sweet baby upstairs for pictures. 

So that's why there is not a plant in there.. I was afraid if I messed with it anymore, it might completely shatter, and I'd have glass and gravel to clean up. 

So here they are! The short one on the left just has white gravel at the bottom (you can't really see it from this angle). I don't think it looks patriotic at all! Especially with the pop of yellow. 

Close ups! 

I thought I was going to be able to get three into this one along with 2 in the tall vase, so I have about 4 succulents left over. Oops! 

I think they turned out lovely! 

I can't wait to show you my shopping goodies! 

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  1. i do NOT have a green thumb, but i have some succulents from our september wedding outside on our porch that are still kicking it. i just spray them lightly with a spray bottle filled with water maybe once every week or two. the ones i had inside (AKA the prettiest ones) did not fare as well though. i'm not sure what i did wrong :(