Thursday, June 21, 2012

my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

Too bad I didn't have a damn milkshake last week.

There were no boys in my yard, only myself. The shrubbery in my front yard had gotten a bit out of control. Here's some before shots:

I took to 'em with some hedge clippers. I do not like using them when the bushes are so tall. It hurts my little wrists. 

I did them in shifts. The second day I did these between the yards.


On the third day, I conquered the mailbox. I'm sure my mailman was getting shishkabobbed with the branches as he tried to deliver mail..

It looks a bit naked now.. oops.

I also tackled this thing crawling up the tree in the front yard. Is it kudzu? Is it ivy? Who knows?! I just had to take it off.

Of course my squatty 5'3" self couldn't reach to the top, so some are still hanging out on the tree. I also couldn't get the root ripped out of the ground, so it's sticking out until I can do something about it.

The final chapter of this dramatic segment is this overgrown monstrosity in the corner of the walkway and carport..

Just ridiculous! There is also ivy/kudzu/whatever in here as well, although it wasn't the same as whatever was on the tree.

Wowzers, what a difference! 

I know you're dying for some action shots! 

When I cut the ginormous corner shrubbery, I found this little nest! 

Nests are so awesome, amiright? What a good DIY project, little bird.

I actually remember when they were inhabiting it.. the mama bird was not pleased while I worked on the barnwood bamas outside. She dive bombed me a couple times as I walked to the carport. 

It was on a big branch I cut down, but I couldn't bring myself to throw it away. I carefully pulled it off the branch, and put it on the brick ledge.. is that weird? 

Is it also weird to have so many nests pictures on this post?

In other news, my gallant steed, Green Bean, turned 100,000 miles last week! In honor of this big milestone, I took her out to get a bath and vacuumed her. Doesn't she look pretty?! 

So a mostly full yard shot of the progress:



Next yard project is to wrangle the flower beds. They are quite embarrassing because they are so overgrown with weeds. Also removing that broken bucket/flower pot thing in the middle of the yard.

And next time, I'll bring milkshakes.

You hear that, boys?!?

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  1. haha I was wondering when you were going to mention that broken bucket