Tuesday, June 5, 2012

bedroom semi-reveal

Soooo I've finished a big chunk of my bedroom, but I'm calling this a semi-reveal. Once I got everything in place and started taking pictures, I realized that it seemed kind of blah. And not for lack of color or pattern, but more for lack of flair.

Kind of like an outfit without jewelry. 

So this is the semi-reveal to show everyone how it's coming together so far! Also, please keep in mind that the lighting is my room is terrible. 

Let's start with the rug.

This baby is 8x10'. I had help bringing it upstairs, but then after vacuuming I found myself alone, and I didn't want to wait for assistance.

So I totally pulled a Wile E. Coyote and got it under there myself. First I tried lifting the bed, then kicking the rug, but it wasn't turned the right way to be rolled like that. Also, when I lifted the bed at the end, I was only pulling up the mattress and box spring, not the bed frame. Soooo I lifted the mattress and box springs, and slid one of the ottomans under it. Then I crawled under there, lifted the bed frame and rolled out the rug.

I was sure the ottoman was going to slide out, and I was going to be smushed. Death by decorating. What a way to go!

But I wasn't, phew! 

The rug was suppose to be beige around the edges, but once I got it upstairs, it was apparent that it was green. Thank goodness I used that color in the room! It looked pretty good with the green curtains.

Ok, before I show you the entire view, let's have a look-see at the before view.


Does it look 100x bigger or what?!? 

 Long shot!

A few things to note: I need to get new shams and bedskirt. The old ones are just chilling there for the time being. I also need to style the pillows a bit.. and I need one with some orange to bring in the blanket at the bottom. I know it really pops in these pictures, but it's not as obnoxious when you're actually in the room. 

I put Bedside Table the First on my side of the bed. It's taller, and has two drawers for my junk. I need to change up the doodads over here. They've been the same for a long time.

And here is little Bedside Table the Second. I wish he was a little bit taller (wish he was a baller) to show the mirror underneath, but I'm glad he's the same style as the other. Again, he needs a bit of styling. 

The rug only comes about a foot and a half out on each side, which is fine, but I'm considering finding a couple small patterned rugs to layer on top of this one for each side of the bed.

This bedding may or may not be permanent. I tried about a dozen before I found this one that I was content with. Content, but not in love. I thought I wanted something neutral with a pattern of some sorts, but I brought a couple in here, and it just looked too bland. I liked the colors in this, but not the pattern so much.

The only reason I started using it was because it only cost an awesome TEN DOLLA! On sale at Garden Ridge, yall! It's not the best quality, but it's pretty soft, and has a bit of a shimmer to it that looks lovely with the high gloss stripes. I know I shouldn't skimp on bedding, but between bedside tables, a rug, and life, I didn't want to spend a lot right now (and it was making me cringe to see the old seersucker on there with all the new updates around it). 

I'll be sure to update everyone as I fill in these missing pieces! Before we go, let's have one more look:




  1. Love it Rach!!! Wish you could decorate for us :) Maybe one day when we have a house...