Sunday, June 10, 2012

my new puppy!

I've added a new little addition to the family! 

How adorable is she? And she knows a couple tricks!



I decided to go with a succulent, because I'm hoping it will be hard to kill.

Yeah, he's a bit dinky. I was at WalMart and decided to go to the checkout in the garden section when I thought "I need to fill the puppy!". This was the only succulent left that wasn't in a nice container (seeing as I was going to move it, I didn't want to pay more for a ceramic planter).

I went to the side porch and gathered a bit of the river rock to lay in the base. There isn't a hole at the bottom, and I've seen this done before when the planter doesn't have a hole.

It wasn't quite enough, so I put some soil from one of the flower boxes outside. Then I pulled the succulent out of his pot, and placed him in there.

It almost looks like she has a tail! haha

So chic! I think she'll end up in my room, but it doesn't get that much light. Maybe she'll just float around the house. 

"Sooo we're not being replaced?"

"No, dummy."


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